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real world talk  
username: XanderOnew
nickname: Celo
activeness: 9 (I check everyday)
— the place for magical people
full name: Park Chanmi
nickname(s): Channie - a nickname only her closest friends call her
foreign name: Taylor Park - her English name
birthdate: 8.10.1995
age: 19
birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
hometown: Seoul, South Korea
learning yourself isn't that hard 
personality: Chanmi is a boyish girl, which is kind of obvious from her appeareance. She is not the type of her who loves wearing pink or any other similar girlish things. She is pretty careless most of the time, if not everyday. She always forgets to do this and that. She won't ever share her things with other people, especially food. Don't steal it either, she's very violent when mad. Chanmi is a brave person and would be scared of some muscular dudes threatening to hurt her and anything like that. Chanmi is very short-tempered and always gets into fights because of that. She's not one of the social butterfly type either and it's quite difficult for her to make friends. People see her everyday with that signature pokerface of hers. But for some reason, she's a whole lot different when she's with one certain boy.
life background: Her mother died when she was just a little kid from a heart attack. But even though it happened a long time ago, Chanmi would sometimes wish she could meet her mother again. Living with only her father and older brother as a child, Chanmi soon grew up to be a boyish one. Her life wasn't the most luxurious one, to say the least. Her father retired a long time ago and her brother wasn't at home, most of the time so life was pretty hard for her, actually. Luckily she was brave and had some good friends who would always help her. Not to mention, a very cheerful brother, too.
— the things that make you
hobbies: listening to music, drawing
likes: sweet foods, video games, pizzas
dislikes: vegetables, noisy places, papayas
habits: slightly kicking things in her sleep, cracking her knuckles when she's mad
languages you speak: Korean - fluent; English - conversational (learnt it mostly at school)
year & house: Year III; Gryffindor
personal stuff
powers: Fire, strength, shape-shifting, invisibility
plotline: The Tough Girl
house: Gryffindor

Park Chanyeol || older brother || these are pretty lively together. both being very talkative, they practically can't stop talking or saying jokes. they'll argue on the smallest things like who ate the last piece of cake, but they usually end up being close again after 20 minutes || 9
— love story ♥
partner: Kim Himchan
back-up partner: Bang Yongguk
personality: motherly, overprotective, kind, honest, hardworking, gets jealous easily, gullible, cries/gets touched easily
birthdate: April 19th 1990
house: Hufflepuff
relationship: Both are crushing on eachother
how you guys react around each other: When she first met Himchan, he was the usual person who would start the conversation first, because Chanmi is kinda awkward with it. After some time, they began to get closer to eachother to the point that she often blushes when Himchan compliments her and Himchan would actually do the same. Himchan knew he had some feelings for her, but he's afraid that she won't feel the same about him. But in reality, Chanmi's also thinking about the same thought.
— mirror
face claim: Amber Liu
back-up face claim: Ham Eunjung
— self opinions
comments: Hope you'll like her and don't hesitate on telling the mistakes I might've made.
suggestions: None
See ya guys ♥
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