As I sat on my bed and looked out of the window

The gentle rays of sunset landed on me

It was so warm, calm and peaceful

Yet my heart isn't like it

I've been wondering for so many weeks why I am feeling like this

And I've come to know you are the reason behind it


You treated me well, too good to be true

I tried to think of other things, and yet my mind only goes back to you

It used to be love, but that love just seem to die

I tried to find the feelings back again but I could not

And I asked myself why

If only you were a bit badder then I can find the will to leave

But even if you were, I dont want to leave you

So how can this be?


I'm so confused, tired and scared.

I dont want our time of being together to go to waste

But worst of all I am afraid that you would not even care

Would you remember about the time we had together or simply just let it be?

Or would you just pretend not to see this and still humour me?


I wish I could be brave and just let you know

But yet I do not want for the both of us to move on

I am torn between two feelings: love and confused

Would you be kind to tell me which one should I choose?


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beautifully written!
OMFG! Your speech is just so... Ughhh I'm so speechless!!! Lemme borrow your brain for awhile hahah ;PP
Bb, let him know. Before it gets too late. I've been there and I regretted all of it now that 've lost him forever. Don't wait for your time to end. ;_;
This. Is. So. Beautiful T.T
You gave me an inspiration to write my story T.T
Thank you so much!

P/s: this is really beautiful and moving, no kidding ♥
SMTown21 #5
i cannot describe how well this is written