Bar Bar Bar

I once said to myself that stan(ing) 2 girl groups (soshi, T-ara) is enough because they has like 141542354364 memebers already then Crayon Pop suddenly pops out (that ryhme haha)

Blue:Gum Mi | Yellow:So Yul | Red:Cho A | Orange:Wa | Pink:Ellin <3

I don't know why I titled it Bar Bar Bar because it all started in Bing Bing (Poppin Version) but meh.
I'm already addicted to them just like how soshi did to mehhh at first I really feel embarassed for Crayop Pop especially there outfits (which is kinda cool for me) there dance steps.. I mean all of them are already in there 20's and it's cutesy.. too cute that I don't want them to do any y concepts. But who cares about there current concept right now I can see that they are having fun on stage. I first watched there Bar Bar Bar MV (Global Version) but I wasn't paying attention on what group they are or what's the name of the group I'm too focused on what's inside the MV on why is it global version? haha but then it just resembles the Gangnam Style I think probably because it has the same director or whatever then I saw this video titled Crayon Pop - bing bing (funny poppin) from what I remeber and so the curious and innocent me want to watch it so *click* and I replay it like 5 times I don't why and I'm smiling like an idiot while watching it and the searching continues until it's 1 am.

I was just playing with my phone that time reading some fanfics and getting ready to sleep but I can't sleep. I thought reading some fics will help me fell asleep I even read some novels like Fellowship of the Ring and also The Magicians Tale -,- but still no I can't :/
and Crayon Pop was the answer c: I'm not saying that I got bored of them and fell asleep I fell asleep because I'm tired I searched too much about them and watch too many videos of them just like soshi <3 

I don't know if there's any girl group like them.. wearing helmets and also there uniform outfits like different colors but same styles and also I realize that majority of there fans are males sooo: Cute concept = more male fans |  y concept = more female fans (?) ahaha nvm
I'm still not sure about the japanese member though..

My bias is Ellin by the way but it's not really that official because of the twins ( yep, that's right there's a twin your not being racist or something lul) Cho A and Wa are the twins <3 I'm still a noob fan 


All of them are funny especially Ellin she just punches her members like everywhere and her humor is great too and "surprisingly" the maknae is the calmest. All of them are born 1988 except for SoYul (yellow) she's 1991 based on my researches lololol  




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