Swiggty Swooty I'm Comin For The Booty

I really do miss this site so much. It makes me so happy. I've been so busy with school, family and friends problems, also giving myself time just to friggin breathe.


But it feels so good to have the chance to come back on here to announce.....


A NEW story!!! And I've had personal experince with this specific story so I won't loose any inspiration or any of that jazz^^ :)


I miss everybody so much and, again, I'm so thankful to the people who didn't unsubscribe from me. Y'all are the bomb<3


So stick around because soon I'll update both of my 2 ongoing stories and prewrite my new one coming soon!!


Quick question: What's your favorite Disney movie? (Classic, Pixar, whatevs you like.) Mine's Sleeping Beauty and Peter Pan :)



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