Those fans, 오세훈

Sehun Oppa! Get Kris to come and translate to you straight away the moment you see this!

I know this year probably have been the most hectic and unlucky year for you, my dear. #badlucksehun but then, just like a turning point, you need to go down before rising back up and i hope you'll not take this too hard. Like a fallen angel, you're lost, you're vulnerable, you're (maybe) scared at times. But that's what we fans are here for you. We'll (hopefully) protect you from all the anger, resentment, hurtful words people lay it to you or throw it at you. I know we can't possible just prevent you from hurting because there's only this much that we can do. We (international fans) can only pray for you from across the seas, we can only hope that you won't know about the remarks lashed at you, we can only cry secretly at night and wet our pillows with tears, we can only wished for the best. We could only just hope to minimise your pain. And i know perhaps you can't even see this, you don't even see this, i don't know. But don't give up, oh se hun! Because you mean so much to us, you don't even know this!

Those fans... Those fans that you dislike, those names you detest, it was hurtful... But i concluded that you were a lot more hurt (by the sasaengs) than the mere sentence you lightly spoke. It was disappointing, true. You may not like us deep down, ouch. But i think people like me, will be willing to be hurt by you and still protect you because we love you this much. The one who loves more, loses. And this will be us, your fans, which you (may) not like. Stay strong, oh se hun. Or, be strong (if you are not anymore). We love you.

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