Colorscope: What do your favorite colors say about you?



This color chart is developed by Paper Source but I found it in The Perfect Palette

Pick out your favorite colors or the "colors you are immediately attracted to" and find out what each color says about you.









Keeper's Colors aka The Colors of My T-shirts

[arranged from most to least favorite]




Keeper's comments

Okay so what's with me and helping others? Am I like this? Looking back, I can say that I tend to help... yeah. But not to the point that I'm being duped. Oh, alright! I was duped by an AFFer.  Lemme share my sob story. /pass me the tissues

AFFer got some mysterious disease and then her ten year old cousin takes over her account to give 'updates'. He pms me and we started talking about random things then he tells me that the teacher who touches him inappropriately is in his house as a party guest. I advised him not to open the door and send a message to his parents [look how gullible I am]. But he said his teacher and his parents are friends so they wouldn't believe their son [oh really now]. So I asked him to contact another person who would believe him. His older brother but he was out [ok]. Then he tells me he is outside his room, calling his name. I didn't receive any pm from him and I got scared.

The next morning I received a pm from AFFer's account but it's not the cousin. No. It's the bestfriend this time. Bestfriend told me that little cousin won't go out his room and was screaming. Then she happened to read our conversation. She blamed herself for not being there. And that he was AFFer's favorite cousin. Keeper was buying it. She asked if she could printscreen it. And I agreed.

It was only days after that I realized how she played me OTL I got worried and scared. So no, I won't be fooled again. All these 'friends' updating AFFers by taking over a user's account. Hmp. Take care of your friends and don't worry about subscribers. 

The others are pretty much true about me or what I want to be true about me. Patient. Serious. Not flexible [you can't change the plans we made the day before or I'll wring your neck. But I usually go with the flow the next day]. Pressure is my constant companion. And I always make lists of what I want to do/accomplish. Even gravel's "great at parties" is true about me- I'm always the party planner and emcee [my real boss is looking for me yesterday for this same reason]. I believe I am surrounded by unusual people here in AFF. I'm too serious so I don't think I have loose boundaries. I don't know about being gentle with words. I don't think I am gentle. I try. Do I have a lovely smile? Yes. HAHA. Do I smile often? Yes. I like chocolate. How I wish I am that person LOL

Haha. All this because I wanted to customize my profile. HAHA.



What colors did you choose?



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