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I got tagged so here it is ^^


1. What season/weather is it for you now? What's beautiful about it?

Welllll, you know what season it is here. It's just summer, summer and simple summer throughout the year :P It may be hot but at least it won't be so cold like some countries. The worst is to freeze to death ><


2. Have you ever wished to step into the shoes of someone else and experience his/her life for just a bit? If so, who and why?

Nope, I've never once thought of that because I know that no matter who it is, that person has their own problems. No one is perfect and so is their live. I know some people might want to be a president or an idol for a day because they think it's awesome being someone they aren't and that their lives are easy but I know it isn't like that and I know they have their own difficulties too so I've never thought of being someone. I just want to be myself and live my life to the fullest.


3. Do you prefer many friends or a few very close friends?

Definitely the second choice. What is the point of having so many friends when none of them understands you and are not willing to go through the end with you? To me, having just one friend is enough. As long as the person understands me and will always be there like a best friend and sister/brother would, it is more than enough. I don't need fame. I need true friendship.


4. "Do things right or do the right thing"- What's your take on this?

Goshhhh your questions really make me think a lot. >< In my opinion, both are very different.

By doing things right, it means to do something well and so well that people will remember you for it. It means to give it your best in doing whatever it is and not giving up till you have accomplish it. That is my opinion of doing things right.

Doing the right thing would mean choosing the better choice. Like not stealing, doing crimes or getting into fights. You have a choice whether to do the right thing or the bad thing. 


5. How many languages can you speak and what are they? Can you write something encouraging/inspirational in each of those languages.

I can speak English, Chinese, Hokkien, Cantonese and a little bit of Shanghainese. 2 languages and 3 dialects? :P I'm just going to do one in English:

"People will hate, rate you, shake you and break you. But how strong you stand is what makes you."


6. What is Kpop to you?

Practically my life. You can say that it saved me in a way. Without it, I have no idea what would my life be right now. I would most probably be boring and dull and just something negative. Kpop lets me know that there are actually people out there who are willing to go through any hardships just to reach their dreams and that nothing is impossible. Things are forever changing and nothing stays constant.  Kpop make me open to the world too and let me know so many wonderful people who loves Kpop like I do so it really means a lot to me.

I may no longer like Kpop in the future or that the trend has change to another genre of music or language but I will never forget the good times I had ever since I know Kpop. Things change, but memories won't will forever be kept in our hearts.


7. Do you believe in fate/destiny? Why?

Yes, I believe in them. I believe that there is no such thing as 'coincidence' and that every single thing happens for a reason. I believe that everything has been predestined but that does not mean one can't change their fate too. As long as the person is willing, nothing  is impossible. 


8. Recommend your favourite fanfic.

There hasn't been one that fully captured my heart yet but there are a few memorable ones like 'Kill Me' writting by exotic-angelic and 'Anterograde Tomorrow' by changdictator at livejournal.com. I prefer to read fanfics like this instead of those comedy or typical storylines. I love it when I actually can feel the emotions of the characters in the story and sometimes, crying helps to relieve stress :P


9. What's your favourite hangout? And what's your favourite eating place?

Since we are both Singaporeas, this is easier :P I love to go to Bugis Street and Fareast Plaza to shop and eat. They have lots of shoes and bags and clothes and of course, food. One thing bad about Bugis Street is that it is very crowded :( Oh, and Scape at Orchard is one of the best place to shop at if you have a tight budget. :P


10. What's your dream job? Are you studying to become that now/ are you doing that job now?

I honestly have no idea what I want to be. A video editor maybe and I'm planning to study that. 


11. You're all blessed and loved <3 Do you spread the love and bring joy to others (friends, family or even the less fortunate)?

If making people laugh spreading love then yes XD But I really love it when my family gets together even if it means doing nothing. You will never know when one of them will leave you so every minute spent together is every minute treasured <3 In the future, I hope there will be an opportunity for me to go to the less fortunate countries and help them. And if I managed to make lots of money, I'm definitely going to go some charity. Even if it is just a little, I believe the less fortunate will still be very happy.



I'm super duper uber busy so I'm not going to tag anyone ><


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Thanks for taking time to do this! <3
It was a joy reading all your answers, really :) I especially love the quote in number 5!
Haha the weather these days are kind of too warm in the afternoons though >.< don't you think?
Ah, yes I shop at Bugis Street and Far East Plaza as well though I do agree the former is absolutely packed with people on any day. Yet to properly shop at scape, so I shall go there someday heheh :)
You're probably one of the few people who'd answer question 2 that way. It's a good thing really, that you love being just you ^^
And I agree with you there on your take on fate/destiny :) we can change things if we work hard to get what we want!
Haha I've got no clue what I really want to do either so I guess it's fine.
Oh I'd really want to go on an overseas service trip as well! Wanted to go on one this december with my cca but it clashed with other things :/ And you're really kind, lots of people forget about the less fortunate when they're comfortable at their place in society, it's sad.
Anyhow, thanks again for answering! Love to get to know people better :)