My Oppa Is The Super Junior Leader APPLICATION

Aff Name: MOONHyunra

Profile Link: LINK

Birth Name: Choi Hyun-Ae

Nickname(s): Clueless Hyun-Ae or Babo Hyun-Ae

D.O.B: October/31/1991

Birthplace: Jeju Island, South Korea.

Age: 20


Ethnicity: Chinese-Korean

Language Spoken: Korean (fluent), Mandarin (conversational), Cantonese (Basic)

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 45 kg

Blood type: O



Ulzzang/Model's Name: Lee Eun Ji

Sub-Ulzzang/Model's Name: Kwon Su Jeong









Being called the clueless Hyun-Ae by her friends. Choi Hyun-Ae is a cute little girl who is always clueless about things happening around her. No, she's not dumb. She's smart, a top student in her school, but she's just a little bit dumb in 'reading the situations'. She easily believes in things, and always got cheated because of that. She sees the world in colors and thinks everyone is a nice person, and the bad guys must have reason for being bad and they are actually nice persons too. She is very kind and friendly, she smiles all the time, and she talks formally with almost everyone. She likes listening to stories, so she really enjoys being around people who has some interesting tale to tell. Sometimes her way of thinking is slightly different from a normal person's. It can be an awesome, brilliant idea or just some illogical crap. When it comes to love, Hyun-Ae is the kind of person who doesn't believe in her instinct. Like, if she had an instinct that her boyfriend is cheating on her, she would just ignore the instinct and think positive about her boyfriend instead.

What is your ways of living:
She is currently studying at Seoul National University, majoring in Dancing and minoring in Asian Languages. Her parents are both doctors. Once her mother told her that she actually wanted to be a singer when she was young, but gave up the dream as her mother (aka her grandmother) didn't like the profession. But until now, as busy as she is, Hyun-Ae often saw her mother re-watching some of old videos of her school performance and suchs, making her determined to live her mother's dream.

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea.


*Candies, Chocolates, Sweet stuffs
*Dolls and Plushies. She collects them. 
*Tech Gadjets. (iPad, iPod, Laptops, mp3 players, etc.) 
*Rain, snow and cold weather
*Western foods
*Heat, like a hot day
*Maths and numbers.
*Dark colors
*Being Alone
*Loading her iPod with the latest songs

*Learning dances from other group. She's not naturally good at dancing so this is how she trains herself.
*Observing people around her
*Trying and creating new nail arts

*Sleep when she has problems.
*Swings her legs when sitting on  chair.
* Scratching her hair when nervous.





Choi Yunjae, age 39, father, a doctor but currently further studying for a specialist degree. Is rarely at home.

Choi Hwa Ran, age 36, mother, a doctor at a local hospital. A very understanding and loving mother.


Choi Minho, age 21, older brother, an artist at SM Entertainment, main rapper of SHINee. A protective and caring brother.


Kwon Il-Sung and Kwon In-Jung (O/C), twins, age 20, childhood friend and classmate.

Shim Changmin, age 23, friends since trainee years.

Partner: Lau Henry

Your relationship with him: Friends with benefit, One-sided love (at first. Henry likes her but she just can't understand his hints. Too blur, lol)

How your lover treats you: 

Most of the time, he treats her nicely. But he also likes to take advantage of Hyun-Ae's blur-ness by telling her stories to impress her. Hyun-Ae usually believes in his stories.

How you met: 
They met during the korean language classes for foreigners back in their trainee years. Since Hyun-Ae can speak conversational mandarin, she was positioned like some kind of tutor for Henry. 

Special moments you want to have together?: 
It is a backstage of some music events, and Hyun-Ae saw her ex. Jung Yonghwa, kissing his new girlfriend Seohyun. Hyun-Ae and Yonghwa broke up after a few episodes of WGM being aired. He just told her that is was best if they both went their own way. Hyun-Ae was confused with their relationship at that time, but when she saw Younghwa kissed Seohyun right in front of her eyes, she knew that they were officially over. She felt so broken and empty, because Yonghwa is her first love. And walla! Henry to the rescue~! 

Rival(s): Seohyun of SNSD. Obviously Seohyun is the reason why Yonghwa left her, so she can't possibly like her, right?


Previous Relationship(s): 
* Jung Younghwa (CNBLUE)
Her first love since high school. Younghwa was a president of the student's body, and Hyun-Ae was his secretery. They dated for 3 years, but broke up when Yonghwa joined WGM. Yonghwa sent her a text message one day, saying that its best if they both go their seperate ways, without explaining anything. She tried to contact him after that, but he changed his number. 

* Kwon Il-Sung (The Twin) 
Heartbroken with Yonghwa, Hyun-Ae went out with Il-Sung, one of the twin, to distract herself. But after few weeks, she decided that she just can't see Il-Sung as more than a friend.


Any comments or requests?
Nopeyy~ Just fighting for the story, and hope you'll like my character! ^^


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Oh maybe you can just ignore my chinese ethnicity? Just make me korean ^^
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hi! can I just disregard minho as your brother?...because we have to stick on the idols enthnicity..and we all know that minho is not half chinese...
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can you make your personality longer...add 5 more sentences..