Thank You :*



Thank you very much for all of your hardwork! The story has been removed from wattpadd and I will return all of my stories ASAP!! I'm sure you can't any longer wait for it and again, I'm so sorry for your inconvenient  before and I hope this would be the last time this incident happened. 


Just now, Scarletwhang (You'll know who she is if you read my story titled 'I'll Trade My Soul for You) informed me that she emailed the wattpadd regarding this matter so yeah, especially you Scarlethwang, thank you very much for your hard work. I know you care a lot about this author of yours, don't you? Kekeke.. Thank you too for my beloved readers!! I love you berry berry much!! :*


I'll try to update soon. For the meantime, please kindly enjoy my stories :)

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