THE EXO MEMBER/S WHO... (stolen from sunnyjjang) And I love D.O so much.


  1. is my ultimate bias: Kyungsoo
  2. is wrecking my bias list: Baekhyun
  3. is my bias in EXO-K: Kyungsoo
  4. is my bias in EXO-M: Luhan
  5. makes my heart flutter even if he's not my bias: Lay
  6. was once my bias but still owns my heart: Lay
  7. is my secret bias: Xiumin and Suho
  8. compose my favorite ship: BaekSoo
  9. should do more skinship: BaekSoo!
  10. should screw the existence of girls and just end up together: HunHan
  11. I'd love to marry: Kyungsoo
  12. is my ideal guy: Kyungsoo
  13. I think I'll pass as his ideal type: Kyungsoo
  14. I'd love to be my boyfriend: Kyungsoo
  15. I'd be most awkward with: Kyungsoo, Luhan, Kris, Tao, Suho, Lay, Kai and Sehun
  16. I'd love to have as my brother: Chen
  17. I'd love to be my bestfriend: Baekhyun and Chanyeol
  18. I'd love to go out on dates: Kyungsoo and Xiumin
  19. make/s my hormones explode: Lay
  20. I'd kiss: Kyungsoo
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