YG New girl group 'PINK PUNK' Members List [Unsure]





Kim Eunbi


 Main Vocalist
She was the “Top 6″ contestant of Superstar K2.

Jennie Kim


Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer
She’s from Australia or Netherlands [Unsure].

Kim Yuna


Main/Lead Rapper [Unsure]
 She is from New York, USA and was the contestant of Superstar K3.
Joined YG in 2010. Also known as SNSD’s Yuri & f(x)’s Krystal look-alike.
Lalisa Monoban
Main Dancer
She is half-Thai & half-Korean. Joined YG since April 2011.
[Rumor] sounds like Sandara of 2ne1 and Dances like Minzy.
Kim Jisoo
Visual, Vocalist
Kwon Dahyun


Rumor says that they will debut on November. I don't have all information though..
I dunno, I just decided to share this :)
Lol, yeah I'm excited are you guys excited?
I personally like Lalice though, her moves are kawaii!
4 million views for her video followed by Yuna and Eubi of 2 million and Jennie by one.
I'm not really sure is this is confirm, but I found on some several sites it is. so yeah...



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Yosyie #1
looking forward.
yinyin21 #2
I think it was announced before that Kim Yuna has left the group~ and i heard it was Kim Jisoo who featured in gd's album for the song, "finally". ^^
Can't wait ^^
Jpigs36 #4
I hope Kim Yuna is in the group. I have mixed emotions about the group, but I really liked her. Also, I hope Yuna is in the group so Jennie doesn't become the rapper. I don't think she's cut out for rap. Her voice doesn't suit it.
[deactivated] #5
Pink Punk? That's not a 'baam' name but i'm looking forward to them
Can't wait for this e w e they seem interesting~
I don't about this but I heard YG had dropped kim yuna.. Not sure though.. But I had mixed feelings about them before but I think it'll be pretty interesting ^^ specially the debut of their new boy group!! Can't wait
before when I first heard about it, I had mixed feelings about them :/
but now I'm actually pretty excited and can't wait for them! dahyun is so cute omg <3
and sheit lalisa is so hot she got the moves ~
oppadeuI #9
/excited/ ***********
hyeinee #10
i saw her in superstark ^^
hyeinee #11
i'm a fan of eunbi ^^
actually the Lalisa Manoban and Kim Jisoo pictures
is not them the pics u use for Lalisa and Jisoo is
Jennie Kim..