Suho + Krystal?

have you guys heard that they're dating?

rumors said that sment will make an official statement next week?:0



EXO K leader kim suho is currently dating f(x) member krystal jung, the 2 are currently caught (by a fan) in Seoul District last week, a fan told that she saw that the 2 are sweet inside a car.some korean nitezens also found out that krystal and suho uses only one car and its suho's car.

the two idol also admit that they feel something special to each other, and they were offically dating SMENT will release a statement about the issue nextweek.



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awwww i love sustal they have couple phone cases couple braceltes another couple bracelet always caught laughing together would have done anything for that rumour to be true
Theyre close but not in a relationship. Its Seulong and Sohee.
If this rumor was true.... Then why would SM want to release the statement nextweek instead of now???
no -_-
that was a fake rumour and the seoul sports photo was fake
that was sohee-seulong
but can't deny that they're close even before exo debut
junmyun was on krystal's pinocchio album thanks to
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I don't know why but I'm always under the impression that SuStal pairing is like an old grandpa and his rebellious grandchild LOL. About the rumor, I don't quite believe it because it isn't really SM-like (?). But if it's true, we have just have to wait, right? :] If they are really dating, I think they will be a really interesting couple xD
NO PLS ; ;