DramaCrazy is closing down!! Looking for alternatives...

My favourite site for dramas is closing down!!!

DramaCrazy.net, were I spent weeks, no MONTH! is closing down!!

I couldn't believe it when I read it in a friend's post!! So I went and checked it out myself. But it's true!!

Where will I watch my beloved dramas from now on???



So, does anyone know other good sites???? Or would like to add anything to the sites I've already listed below???

Please don't hesitate to tell me!! I'll be thankful for every comment! :))

If possible I'd like to make a list here. Maybe with a short text for each site, explaining the pros and cons of the site...

Maybe there are other people out there (like me ^^) who really liked that site a lot.


I already went and searched a little bit. What I found:



Looks pretty good, you can even search by genre...

And if I remember correctly, then some of the videos from DramaCrazy were even from this site...



Looks good too, although there is alway an add where you have to wait for five seconds before you can continue...

But it also works with the speedy joe player, I think. A player I personally like a lot. (It loads really fast ^^)



From my experience, that site has rather good quality videos... But most of the videos are not available in my area, so yeah.



If the drama is either very old or very new, then it can sometimes be found on YouTube. But often an episode or part of an episode is missing due to copyright complaints.



Looks good as well, but it seems it is only available in north and south America.



Haven't really looked at it yet but it also has several mirrors to choose from.



Player sometimes work for me and sometimes they don't. Plus there are a lots of addvertisments making my browser slow down.




So, this is it up unil now... I'll be waiting for your ideas... :))

And thanks a lot already in advance!!


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Joydrama.com is pretty good. And epdrama.com is cool too.