On being blue and staying BLUE (A CNblue fan post)

I started learning to play the guitar when I was 8. I can remember back then that I studied really hard the whole year so that my parents will reward me with a guitar after my recognition day. True enough, they kept they promise. I got good grades bagged most of the academic awards for that school year. I can distinctly remember my giddy feelings when i went to the mall with them to buy my most coveted treasure. 

I just wanted to learn how to play the guitar and I don't know why. My first guitar was a turtleback LYRIC with a dark violet face and streaks of pink. I was almost in tears. 

They enrolled me for classical guitar that summer but I eventually ended up with a spat with my teacher thus the end of my classical guitar playing career. For a little girl, my parents really find it quite odd that I have this affinity for playing the said instrument (thank God my older sister showed interest playing the drums after a few months, and they figured out maybe i was just normal for choosing the guitar LOL) 

To cut the long story short, I learned to play on my own. That's when I also found out that I can sing. It's funny, back then (when I was around 10) I was already having thoughts that when you're tone deaf, you can't really figure out the strumming. I already felt bad for people who can't sing because even if they have this burning desire to play this instrument...it might be just too painful. 

I practiced hard just because there are songs that I want to play and hear for myself. Not all chords were so easy for my little hands back then. My hands and fingers were all callused but I really don't care (i regretted this part a bit because my hands look weird now)

When I was 11, I already have this notion that I would never fall in love with a guy who can't play the guitar BETTER than me.  A pretty high standard right? Might have been quite uneccesarry actually and quite . But after so many years...I never got over this notion after all. 

Here comes Lee Jonghyun. My rockstar crush....my highschool crush (eventhough I'm not in highschool anymore) because he makes my heart skip and run 60 miles/hour.  

We all know that he is really gorgeous. Well, actually this is an understatement. When i saw him last Saturday...a few steps away from me (I'm a lucky LUCKY girl who was in the front row during their concert) , it dawned on me that he's barely human. He was like a live male porcelain doll who can play these REALLY REALLY AMAZING guitar solos.  I knew he was a pretty face but during the whole concert...I was pleasantly awed that "wow...he plays the guitar extremely well!" I just felt bad though, i barely screamed (i'm not really used to screaming during concerts...ok I know..I'm weird!) and I barely clapped my hands because I was holding the cam most of the time. But I hope he saw my eyes (yes...the eye contact was pretty countless...i was blushing really hard the whole night because he was in front of me). I hope he saw respect on them...I hope he sees that beyond the idol facies, I see him as a respectable musician who is sooooo passionate with his music. 

So I think I stayed true to my word ne? I'll never fall in love with a man who can't play the guitar BETTER THAN ME. Oh yes...he is definitely better than me.  Too bad he is Korean superstar but who cares? All is fair in love and war. LOL

Who knows? 



* maybe i'll post true fan accounts later :) 

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