No harm done.

Still we dunno when is it gonna come out.

The yellow one is what cause the misunderstanding.

Probably flipped out and didnt even READ the WHOLE THING! -.- 


She clearly says she is "TROLLING" and in this world if someone doesn't know what "trolling" means

She must live under a rock '_'


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And remember to breathe
It came out today :) check sm's YouTube channel!
immarktuans #3
SM said they would release the drama version if both MVs passed 2.5M WHICH happened so it might come out later :)
i dislike sasaeng fans but i also dislike fans who hate on sasaeng fans like where in the world are the lax, mature fans
Fans can be really stupid sometimes, don't they know what acting is? Seriously some of them piss me so much.

Im still waiting for exo's drama. OTL
paperboat- #6
Mmmm, I'm also waiting for when SM will release the drama MV?
It would be unlikely of SM Ent to spend so much money on their MV but not carry it out to the public, come what may?

P.S. She must live under a rock!
braye97 #7
I wanna freaking bash the heck out of those sasaeng fans..
[deactivated] #8
Well i heard that it's really not going to be released because the sasaeng fans leaked it and SM is so pissed.
O_________O MA HEART WAS ABOUT TO STOP MAN~ I was like :O WUT???? then when saw the 'trolling' part I was like ^___^ kkkk! I really hope the drama ver is gonna be out soon~ I can't wait \(^O^)/
I don't think I'll even watch the drama version, because I already have the song and the real version LOL
[deactivated] #11
i don't even know why so much people is now hating on the admin that did the trolling thing, I mean,the word TROLLING is in CAPS! Gosh, sometimes this fandom just gives me creeps!
that was trolling....the drama ver will be released but knowing SM it will when we don't expect it~