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            Rose    Jung



 ) YG Entertainment Presents;

Username: K_I_M_C_H_I
Activeness: 10 ; haha, what is a life?
Nickname: Either kimchi or seo is fine with me, but I'd prefer if you called me kimchi. 

 ) Just need a lil' self introduction over here;
Character's name: Rose Jung // Jung Su Bin 
Nickname: Ro - An abbreviation of her English name, this nickname was given to her by one of her trainee friends, it's mostly guys who call her by this name ; Su - A shortened version of her Korean name, her mother often calls her "Su"

Age: 19
Date of birth: 02/05/94 
Place of birth: New York City, USA
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Ethnicity: Full Korean
Blood type: A
Height: 172cm 
Weight: 59kg
Languages Spoken: Korean (Native) ; English (Fluent) ; Japanese (Conversational)

 ) Woah, You have a pretty face;
Ulzzang: Kwon Su Jeong
Links: S U  J E O N G
Back-up ulzzang: Seo Seri
S E O  S E R I


 ) Your sense of fashion ain't too bad either;

Description: Rose loves wearing eye-catching clothing with cool twists. You'll often see her in vibrant clothing, and expresses herself through her style. A real trend-setter, she could probably wear a trash bag out in public, and the next day everyone would be following in her footsteps. She also loves the way oversized clothing is comfy and laid-back, but most often dresses in more tomboy or hipster clothes. You'll never see her wear simple clothes in public because she likes to make a statement with her style. She has an almost unhealthy obsession with accessories and has a whole entire closet dedicated just to her different types of accessories.
Casual: C A S U A L
Training: T R A I N I N G
Formal: F O R M A L
Dorm: D O R M M
Sleep: S L E E P

Extra/s: 2 piercings on her right ear and one on her left ; a tattoo that says "trust no one" located on her right hand

 ) You're one of a kind;
Personality: Rose usually comes off as different, and sticks out in a crowd like a sore thumb because of her vibrant personality and loud (and rather uncensored) mouth. An all-around happy and energetic person, Rose is often seen with a smile on her face and joking around with friends. Imaginative and creative, her love of art keeps her alive. If she sees something that she wants to draw, she'll sketch it down in the notepad that she carries around all over the place and improve upon it later. She usually doesn't come off as an artistic person, but once you see her artwork you'll be astounded by her natural-born talent.

A reckless person who lives in the present instead of and groaning about the past, she's very happy about her life in general and also often ends up in unprecedented situations. A crazy party animal, Rose is at the center of every party she attends and brightens the room with her presence. She loves to have fun, and stops at nothing to get what she wants. She'll often take the other members of the group on crazy car chases through the streets of Seoul or even streak through the streets as a dare. Rose loves a challenge and always wants to be at the very top.

A very straightforward person, she often shocks people with her rash or politically incorrect remarks. She doesn't believe in sugar-coating to save someone's feelings and tells it like it is. Honesty is her policy, and the only time she lies is if she needs to get out of trouble or if she's covering up for a friend. Her sarcastic and sassy attitude often throws people off and leaves them speechless, and because of this often comes off as rude or ignorant. She cares greatly for those close to her or those that she looks up to, but if she finds someone annoying, stupid, ignorant, or if she just doesn't like the person, she'll be sure to voice her opinion. 
Onstage: Onstage, she shows her crazy and wild party-going side to the fans, often dressing up in outrageous costumes or creating parodies of popular songs by other kpop groups. When being serious onstage, she dominates the stage and shows her confidence in her rapping, singing, and dancing. She even flirts with some of the fans, and sometimes even flirts with girls just to make them confused. She also gives the fans fanservice, often flirting with idols that the fans ship her with, even if she doesn't actually have any interest in them. While filming a variety show or interview, she's loud and is the group member that cracks the most jokes.
Offstage: Offstage, Rose is less animated and more artistic than wild and crazy. Around her friends, she jokes around and often teases them. With her parents, she is more proper and like a lady, because she knows that they watch some of her performances and her mother if fine with what she does, but her father doesn't want her to act wild or look provocative, as her father is quite conservative. 
Background: Born and raised in a half-conservative half-freeminded household located in the Upper East Side New York City, Rose had a pretty good life, to say the least. Pampered and chauffered to private school, she never really had to work for anything, even though her father always preached to her and her brother how important hard work was. Her urban upbringing had a lot of influence on the type of music she listened to, which was mostly rap, despite the fact that her parents took her to operas, fancy-schmancy galas, and the like. Since a young age, she was also interested in art. Before she could even speak, she was finger-painting and picking up the paintbrushes that her mother left around the house. Fast-forward to her teenage years, and her parents decide to send her and her brother to live in Korea because her brother neeed to "rehabilitate" himself. Like any bored teenager with money and connections, her brother Andrew had gotten into weed, and decided that a rehabilitation camp wouldn't help, so they simply shipped him and Rose off to Korea to keep him in check. Living with just her (now a model and ulzzang) brother, she was accepted into YG Entertainment in her sophomore year of high school.

  • sweets - she carries them around with her everywhere.
  • smoking - she knows it's bad for her health, but it.
  • rain - it has a really nice, nature-ish smell, and feels nice on the skin.
  • video games - who doesn't like to unwind every now and then?
  • painting - this is a given, since she's a natural-born artist.
  • the internet - Rose could not survive a day without the internet.
  • reading fanfiction - she likes to read what her fans write about her and finds the ships...interesting.( +5 )


  • forced aegyo - extremely gross. just no.
  • gwiyomi - holy , make it stop.
  • humidity/heat - being sticky is gross, and Rose has always liked the cold.
  • know-it-alls - Rose absolutely hates it when people act better than her.
  • illnesses - every time she gets even a minor cold, she'll freak out and go to the doctor. see fears for explanation.
  • bubblegum pop - it's the only type of music she really dislikes. 
  • sasaeng fans - are just plain scary, and she hopes to never ever meet them.


  • Rose has a minor case of monopathophobia, the fear of having an incurable disease. This is mostly because one of her close childhood friends died early at age 14 because of cancer.


  • Taking walks around the city
  • Art and photography
  • Partying
  • Shopping, shopping, and more shopping
  • Tumblr - She has an art, music, and fashion blog
  • Extreme sports - Skydiving, rafting, skiing, snowboarding, mountain climbing, etc.


  • She initiates quite a lot of skinship
  • Always seems to be eating a piece of candy or snacks she has stashed around
  • Humming when doing chores/housework
  • Whenever she comes up with a song or lyrics, she saves them on her phone
  • Sits cross-legged
  • Usually sleeps wherever she feels like, even if it's not her own bed
  • Sways to the beat of songs


  • looks up to macklemore, the wu-tang clan, mc mong, tiger jk, bizzy, and yoon mirae
  • her favorite drinks are arizona iced tea and water; her favorite alcoholic drinks are jager bombs and apple martinis
  • her favorite foods are ramyun and soondubu jjigae
  • her favorite color is currently a pastel green
  • favorite movie of all time? mean girls.
  • Rose first gained interest in rap and singing when she was 10
  • she started taking art lessons at age 6, piano at age 7 and she taught herself guitar
  • smokes (occasionally) and drinks, but promises not to take drugs
  • has composed and written several songs for multiple kpop groups
  • has a youtube channel where she covers songs and does vlogs

SNS: Twitter: @ROSJNG_069 ; Instagram: RJung ; Tumblr: gardenofroses ; AFF: --visionaryroses ; YouTube: oohyumpotatoes

 ) Relations;
Mother - Ahn Ju Li - 43 - Art Curator/Teacher - A carefree and playful person in general, Juli usually channels her feelings into her passion, art. She's the owner of several art galleries across the world (the main hq being in new york), and supports her children in doing whatever they think is right for them. A self-made artist, she understands how hard it is to make yourself something out of nothing and tells her children to follow their dreams, no matter what. She's usually very imaginative, yet down-to-earth at the same time. - Alive
Father - Jung Kae Sun - 47 - Vice President of Structural Engineering Company - Resilient and strong, Kaesun believes that hard work and perseverence can lead anyone to success. He often pushes his children to do their best and expects a lot of people in general. He also thinks that honesty is the best policy and that lying can lead to danger. He is rather strict, and around her father, Rose is expected to act more like a woman than the tomboy she is. He also is usually very stressed from his work, and is a perfectionist. - Alive
Older Brother - Andrew Jung // Jung Joon Young (See gallery here) - 21 - Ulzzang, Model, Vocalist/Guitarist of Flower Mist // 2 - Charismatic and charming, Joonyoung always got the all the girls, and is a bit of a player. Not only is he a model at many online shopping malls, he's a rather popular ulzzang and a singer. Often times, he'll mess around and not really be in serious relationships, and even has multiple girlfriends at once. Headstrong and determined, Joonyoung doesn't let anything barricade him from being his best or doing what he wants. He does let his ego get too inflated at times, though. - Alive 

 ) Friend&Stuff;
Bestfriend: Minzy / Gong Minji - 19 - Main Dancer/Rapper of 2NE1 - An energetic burst of fun, Minzy can be either y or sweet. She can be very loud and explosive at times, and at other times she'll become shy and quiet. Less dominating and a risk-taker than Rose, she comes off as a bit younger rather than the same age as Rose. A year before 2NE1 was set to debut, Rose joined YG Ent. as a trainee and met Minzy. They became close friends because they had similar interests, dislikes, and were born in the same year.
Rival: N/A

 ) I love you, I love you;
Love interest: Jang Dongwoo - 22 - Main Rapper/Vocalist of INFINITE
Personality: A hyperactive guy with a goofy personality, Dongwoo knows how to make even the most uptight person giggle like a 7-year-old schoolgirl. He's quite unique and also a bit intimidating at first glance. An avid collector of stuffed animals, his fierce exterior tricks people into believing he's tough, while he's actually soft and scared easily. Easily amused, Dongwoo is always laughing, smiling, or joking around with s and friends. He's also quite emotional and is easily brought into tears. Never angry, he holds no grudges because he finds them a waste of time and emotions on someone who isn't worth his time. Overall, he's an optimistic and extremely positive person who is fun to be around. 
How you guys act around each other: Good friends who often go clubbing or partying together, Dongwoo and Rose are very flirty around each other and have even drunkenly hooked up (by hooked up here, I mean making out) with each other before at a particularly crazy party. They rely on each other and share a lot of secrets and worries with each other. They also often meet up in secret (aka away from the crazy fans and the paparazzi) in order to just hang out, grab a coffee, or even write some lyrics/compose a song together.
Status: Good Friends
Back-up love interest: Kim Himchan - 23 - Rapper/Vocalist of BAP
Personality: Cheerful and gentle, Himchan is a pacifist and a peacemaker. Although his aggressive exterior and music concepts suggest that he's a world-champion fighter, he is actually very against violence and uses his words to fight instead of his fists. Energetic and crazy at times, Himchan is a party-animal and always enjoys being around with his friends.
How you guys act around each other: On campus, Himchan recognized her from a music video, and invited her to eat at lunch with her. They both go to the Korea National University of Arts and also have many classes together. Now, they're pretty good friends and usually study together, and during their free period together, they like to go to the recording rooms at the University and mess around with some songs that they want to compose.
Status: Classmates/Friends

Scene requests: Haha, oh boy. Perhaps a scene where they go to a party, leave together, and are spotted by the paparazzi? And then the fans go crazy! xD

 ) The spotlight's all yours;
Stage name: Rose
Persona: The Artsy Badass

Fanclub name: Petals
Fanclub colour(s): #ff6666  &  #ccffcc


 ) A bit about trainee life;
How did chara get into YG Ent: Rose initially auditioned for SM Ent, but was rejected in the preliminary round of the 2006 summer auditions. She later then auditioned for both JYP and YG in the same week, again being rejected by JYP, but she was asked to have a private audition session with YG, in which she had a mock photo shoot, an interview, and a recording session. After the audition, she received a call stating that she had made it into the company as a trainee. Rose auditioned for SM with "Drops of Jupiter" by Train, JYP with The Band Perry's "If I Die Young", and YG with Mackemore's "Starting Over".
Trainee life: One of the trainees with the longest training periods, Rose is experienced but always felt that she was unwanted or not as good as the other trainees whenever they were put into possibly debuting groups and she wasnt, such as the members of 2NE1, BIGBANG, and more recently, Lee Hi. She had originally trained with them, but she didn't get to debut until way after them. Training was always easy because she was athletic and a jack of all trades, though she struggled with alcohol abuse on the side (which has thankfully gone away now). She was always too scared to approach the president of the company and ask him if she could finally debut. Many thought that she was going to stop being a trainee and become a producer or a composer for the company, but was finally put into supreme. 
Trainee Duration: 5 years
Experience: Rose has been a backup dancer for 2NE1 and BIGBANG multiple times at live shows, and has also co-written a song for GDragon's with GDragon and Lydia Paek. She has also participated in composing and writing lyrics for GDragon's "michiGO", Lee Hi's "Rose" and Tablo's "Bad". She was also featured as a backup dancer in CL's solo act MV, "The Baddest Female".
Talents: Rap, dance, variety show humor, piano, guitar, writing lyrics, composing songs

Extra: It's Cold - Epik High ft. Lee Hi


 )Hi, I'm your interviewer for today;

How did you find out about YG? /raises eyebrows/ Hey, what kind of question is this? How do you live in Korea and not know about YG? Their songs are everywhere, their merch is everywhere, their little mafia-like staff members are everywhere.../laughs/
Why train at this company, out of all the others? Honestly, I probably could've just become an underground rapper, but something about YG just drew me to it. Probably because of the unique way YG artists carry themselves with confidence, and the fact that their rappers are phenomenal. 
Do you know any of the idols from YG? Well, no . I've kinda been in the same building as them for five ing years, I think I'm bound to become friends with one of them at some point. /chuckles/ Nah man, I'm just pulling your strings. Yeah, we're all really close with each other, we really are like a family.
If so, do you have any favourites? Yeah. Who doesn't? Wait, you're not going to show this to them, right?

Do you feel comfortable revealing your personal life? Do you?
Do you like milk? Why not? /shrugs/ Oh, I used to really hate milk when i was younger. I hated it so much that I would pour it down the kitchen sink while my mom wasn't watching. /laughs/ But hey, now that I've gotten through that phase, I really love milk.
What's your dream? To make lots of money so I can swim in money. /laughs/ Haha, no. I actually really want to have my name set down in history with the legends, if it's possible. I'd love it if I could inspire others and really have my lyrics touch their hearts.


 )Say byebye;
Questions, comments, complaints: Hey there, I'm looking forward to reading your story. 
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Scene requests: Ooh. a scene with her brother relapsing back into doing pot again would be a nice scene. She could get really angry and such.


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