EXO Lay's (Zhang Yixing) Because of you (Link + Chinese, pinying, english trans lyrics)

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BEFORE YOU SAY ANYTHING ABOUT DELETING IT... read the english translation of the song... ITS SO SWEET~ <3


因为你 (Because of You)

   词曲;张艺兴 演唱:张艺兴

Song : Zhang YiXing 

Singer : Zhang Yixing ft Luhan

(I believe its composed this year... not for sure~ let me check :)


In brackets are the lines that luhan sang~



闪耀的灯光 人群的目光
手举累了吗 要不 休息一下
你们 对我的爱我早已经记牢
百变的乐章 绚丽的衣裳 比不上 你们开心欢笑的脸庞
默默为我付出 从来不说辛苦
告诉我 我很值得你们守护
(因为你的爱) 让我飞翔到明天
(因为你的笑) 让我能看到永远
不知道能够飞多高多远 oh 希望你们能在我的身边
(因为你的爱) 让我不知道疲惫
(因为你的笑) 让我不畏惧一切

把你们装在心里 放在手心
很平凡的我 却有着光亮
是你们为我点着灯 起航
挥洒的汗水 在梦想舞台上
默默为我付出 从来不说辛苦
尽管 你们名字我不一定都记得住
我写了这首歌 送给每一个你
(因为你的爱) 让我开心每一天
(因为你的笑) 这才是我的永远
不知道能够飞多高多远 oh 希望你们陪在我身边

(因为你的笑) 描绘出最美的画卷
把你们装在心里 放在手心 你们永远是我的一切


Shǎnyào de dēngguāng rénqún de mùguāng
Nǐmen duì wǒ huīwǔ de yíngguāng bàng
Shǒu jǔ lèile ma yào bù xiūxí yīxià
Nǐmen duì wǒ de ài wǒ zǎo yǐjīng jì láo
Bǎi biàn de yuèzhāng xuànlì de yīshang bǐ bù shàng nǐmen kāixīn huānxiào de liǎnpáng
Mòmò wèi wǒ fùchū cónglái bu shuō xīnkǔ
Gàosu wǒ wǒ hěn zhídé nǐmen shǒuhù
(Yīnwèi nǐ de ài) ràng wǒ fēixiáng dào míngtiān
(Yīnwèi nǐ de xiào) ràng wǒ néng kàn dào yǒngyuǎn
Bù zhīdào nénggòu fēi duō gāo duō yuǎn oh xīwàng nǐmen néng zài wǒ de shēnbiān
(Yīnwèi nǐ de ài) ràng wǒ bù zhīdào píbèi
(Yīnwèi nǐ de xiào) ràng wǒ bù wèijù yīqiè
Bǎ nǐmen zhuāng zài xīnlǐ fàng zài shǒuxīn
Nǐmen shǐ wǒ mèngxiǎng gèng jiāndìng
Hěn píngfán de wǒ què yǒuzhe guāngliàng
Shì nǐmen wèi wǒ diǎnzhe dēng qǐháng
Huīsǎ de hànshuǐ zài mèngxiǎng wǔtái shàng
Yīnwèi yǒu nǐmen cái biàn dé bù yīyàng
Mòmò wèi wǒ fùchū cónglái bu shuō xīnkǔ
Jǐnguǎn nǐmen míngzì wǒ bù yīdìng dū jìde zhù.Wǒ xiěle zhè shǒu gē sòng gěi měi yīgè nǐ
Nǐmen shì wǒ zhè yīshēng zhōng de yīngxióng
(Yīnwèi nǐ de ài) ràng wǒ kāixīn měi yītiān
(Yīnwèi nǐ de xiào) zhè cái shì wǒ de yǒngyuǎn
Bù zhīdào nénggòu fēi duō gāo duō yuǎn oh xīwàng nǐmen péi zài wǒ shēnbiān
(Yīnwèi nǐ de ài) ràng wǒ gǎndòng rěnzhe lèi
(Yīnwèi nǐ de xiào) miáohuì chū zuìměi de huàjuàn

Bǎ nǐmen zhuāng zài xīnlǐ fàng zài shǒuxīn nǐmen yǒngyuǎn shì wǒ de yīqiè


-English Translation- (I tired my best, TAKE WITH FULL CREDITS ... worked on this blog for hours)
Shining spot light, everyone's stares
You waving your glow stick for me
Are your hands tired? Why don't you take a break?
The love you give me I received and won't forget
Amazing dance moves(? I made this up LOL its something about continuously change movement <-- direct translation )

Dazzling clothing is nothing compared to the smiles on your faces
Quietly sacrifice for me without a single complain
Telling me I'm worth your protection/Love
Becuase of your love time goes by fast(direct translation is I fly to tomorrow)
Because of your smile I can see the infinite future (Again, i have no idea how to explain this in English)
Don't know how high how far I can fly just hope you'll be by my side
Because of your love I don't feel tired out
Because of you smile I'm not afraid of anything
Put you in my heart and on my palm
You make my dream stronger(direct translation is 'firmer' but that sounds kinda werid in my opinion)
I'm very ordinary yet shine brightly because you lit me.
Sweating on the stage i dreamed of because of you, its not the same (as in more special)
Quietly sacrifice for me without a single complaint
Even when i can't remember your names
I wrote this is to give to every one of you
You are my hero in my life
Because of your love I'm happy everyday
Because of your smile this is my forever (I think he meant this by being an idol, being an idol is his future. but 'forever' is the direct translation)
Don't know how high how far i can fly oh just hope you'll be by my side
Because of your love I'm moved with tears
Because of your smile the most beautiful artwork is drawn (I have no clue what he wants to say here. That's the direct translation)
Put you in my heart and on my palm
You are my everything


I guess all I want to say is... Lay wrote this song for us... the fans <3 He probably spended hours to write this for us and we don't even listen to it... I think if would hurt him more that way... and besides~ THIS SONG IS SO GOOD HOW CAN YOU NOT LISTEN TO IT? 

most of you will say we have to wait for the offical release... to be honest, me, myself I doubt there will be a offical release for this song. This song is made by Lay, yea of course there is a chance of it being in the new album. But, how will this be traslated into Korean for EXO-K's version of the album? and Isn't the song a bit too simple for SM's standards, by this I mean just listen to the back ground music. its just drums, piano and beats while other SM songs have all these funky stuff to it. 

Lay's songs will probably be included in the album when he is more advanced in song composing... (not saying he isn't good now)

hey hey hey my opinion only~ you can comment your opinion if you want too :3 I don't mind reading yours after you have read my long speech


Lyrics translation credits to Luhunnie~ Video credits to Mina Yixing(Thanks for crediting me~ <3) ~ Song credits to Lay~ Please take with full credits... spend about two hour to get the lyrics and all... please feel the pain I went through and just credit it... it won't hurt <3


*Edit: I'm kind of upset that people are taking these without credits ;____; I guess all my time did go to waste...



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beaxo96 #1
This song have been my favourite all this time. Its really good. Like you said, how can peole dislike this. Its so sweet, melting my heart.
Shine_Gurl97 #2
So sweet... I'm melting.
layjongyang #3
Thank you so so so much for the translation. I am a huge fan of him so again thanks again..
ChunJoe_SeoYa_Lover #4
Thank you, when you listen to the song you can hear his emotion. It's such a sweet melody and the lyrics are great. I always listen to it, cuz it's my favorite. Now I know it's for us no wonder I teared up every time I listened to it without even knowing the meaning of the lyrics. I'm so happy that there are fans out there who can translate, unfortunately I can't maybe in the future. Thank you so much for everything and I'm sure Lay oppa appreciates it.
moonci #5
idk, but i love this song so much.
HaeHunUp #6
finally found this lyrics, thank you ~
OfficialBestfriend #7
Thanks for the english trans , I've been finding for it everywhere. This song really makes me tear up everytime i hear it, i love the instrumental part , and I really can feel the emotion and know the meaning of the song even without understanding it.
jongdayifun #8
Omg finally found the lyrics thank you so much ! And high five i have the same thought as you. Not saying this song isnt good enough - hell its amazing - but i think SM will alter and edit this song here and there before officially release it. I really love this song, its simple but meaningful. And Lay has an angelic voice, though it might not be as good as Kyungsoo's or Chen's or Baekhyun's or Luhan's or Suho's. But its a very good start. I think he actually made this song for fun or something. Anyway, i love this guy so much and hope to hear more of him soon. Exo sarang haja ! (long useless rant i know but i just have to get it out lol)
stefiwalker #9
I was very touched when i hear this song, it's really an amazing song
Luhan_01 #10
I've been searching for this lyrics for so long !! thank you so much !!

I think this was the song that he accidentally post in weibo but he deleted it afterward
b-tchfaced #11
omg unicorn <33333 im crying omg sobs
b-tchfaced #12
omg legit tears tbvh ;;______;;
SeoGyuMi_SuperShiDae #13
woaaah ! xing xing and lulu ! -.- thanks anyway ^^
houaida #14
I'm Doing a Video and i'll take those Lyrics I'll Credit you thanks a lot for hardworking ♥
Nynadea #15
Thanks for the pinyin lyrics ^^ I tried search it at everywhere , but it seem like uncle google dont want me to sing this song kekeke >.< Oh , and if not bothered your work , can you tell me which one is luhan's part and lay's part ? I'm dying to know this mystery ~ Xie Xie jiejie :)