Chicser fan insulted SHINee ;_;

Trans: To the people who compare CHICSER and SHINee, wow! Why is it that you compare K-Pop groups to CHICSER? SHINee are dancers and they sing in Korean but CHICSER can dance and they have members who know hw to sing.

Also, if you talk about looks, I'm CHICSER all the way. Because they don't have plastic surgery. They're already handsome. Why would they have PS if they're already handsom? But SHINee, if they have an ugly part in their face, they fix it with plastic surgery. 

I'm just saying the truth

You started it first, if you start a war, we CHICSERIFIC will fight back.

Don't be mad at me K-Pop fans because I'm just defending CHICSER, and I'm a K-Pop fan too but you started it.


I literally RLAB when I saw CHICSERIFIC

Like dude, even Seventeen has a better fandom name than that, and they haven't debuted yet. 

You have upset one of the largest fandoms around the globe, CHICSER fan.

Shawols, you know what to do.

And we started it? Dude, we were just chilling and waiting for EXO's come back, but then you showed up.

No one asked for your opinion, no one asked for you to be born.

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Leeraneul #1
DUH!!!!!!!!!!!! Ate, wag ganyanan!!
bakit mo sinasali ang exo!?! hay nako!!!!!
no one asked for you to be born? duh! wagas ah!

atsaka, andaming fans ng exo!! isa na ako dun!!!!
wag nyu nga isali ang seventeen at shinee!
judgemental!! so judgemental!!

tekaa! what is chicser?? i dont know that!

if chicsers? are handsomes! Shinee,EXO and Seventeens are more!!! ^__________^

Leeraneul #2
EHEM! Excuse me! Duh?!? why do you need to compare them??? And why did EXO,Seventeen,as weell as Shinee?!??!? omy gee! you can have many haterss! EXOtics are so many... and im one!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im proud to be an exotic! and i can fight for them!! Kekekekekeke joke.. lets stop this aguement! and who started it?!??!?!?
I think we should just as ignore them. There's no point in starting a fight where both sides wouldn't win; all it'll lead to is more fandoms joining in to the fight.
[deactivated] #4
they are just handsome but not as great as shinee .___.
Seriously? this fan is crazy! "SHINee are dancers and they sing in Korean but CHICSER can dance and they have members who know how to sing." this sentence doesn't make any sense at all.Its very obvious that SHINee can sing better and Dance better can you compare all of those years they trained to them? No Of course not. This is stupid i can't believe he did that.
They're not handsome at all ! I only find one of them handsome. The others are really ugly
Chicser is a copy of One Direction.
OMG!! When did the kpop fandom start the war? And Kpop Idols don't have plastic surgery. The "Ranz" guy they said is more handsome than Taemin and Sehun. Well, if we had a vote, they would win over Ranz.
What's so great about Chicser anyways?
To me, they're a group of copycats. The hell I care if they're handsome (Which I found myself questioning their fans.), I dance better and they get so many fans. And no, not an insult, but the truth.

Yeah Yeah Yeah. Kpop fans started this. If you haven't sensed sarcasm then... nothing. >0<

And have you seen their commercial on TV? I don't like it. It's just a level under Grace Poe's campaign song, which... I freak out whenever hearing.
ChiMarie #10
I was still upset when I saw SHINee's Why So Serious? teaser cause they didn't have Jjong then this Chicser issue just made me pissed off :(
safeyya #11
Maybe if we ignore him, he will vanish into a bottomless pit for clueless idiots... (I don't what I just said but no one I repeat NO ONE INSULTS SHINee!!<`~´> <(`^´)> <`ヘ´> [no should insult anybody])
asiansarebeautiful #12
Hahahahahahahaha. Ayusin muna nya grammar nya bago siya mang-away. Okay, di din naman perfect yung grammar ko pero simpleng paggamit lang ng 'a' hindi pa makuha.

Tbh, I don't care much about antis or haters because I think it's considered normal to at least have one (LOL) but what makes me mad is that they act like they know us (kpop fans) and our idols.

I-compare daw ba yung itsura ng SHINee with Chicser OTL
Actually, I only saw chicser for a couple of times on TV bacause the media is making such a big deal about them (I don't know why) and no offense, but I didn't find them good-looking, nor can they dance in unison - and yes, I agree with you.. do they even sing?

I've been seeing a lot of chicser vs kpop idols stuff recently which is irking me (ugh!) So, a note to Chicserifics (whoever they are): Wala pa sa kalingkingan ng kahit sinong rookie group ang chicser.
LOL My fans na pala ung chicser? Haha lol
D3stinyx #14
who is chicser?