If you haven't already heard anywhere, UMG is taking away kpop from international fans.
( UMG stands for Universal Music Group, and even though they aren't Korean they have the right to block music and music videos in certain countries. )
Most Cube Entertainment videos have been blocked in the USA and UK.
There are going to be more kpop videos to be blocked in international countries.
They want to keep kpop restricted to Koreans like it originally was. I guess they hate the hallyu wave.
They've already started, and the USA and UK are the first victims of this.
Other international countries such as Canada and Australia will be targeted soon.
Cube Entertainment is the first Korean label to have complied with UMG's actions.
You will find that if you live in an international country, videos from this company have all been blocked.
This is absolutely retarded. We are kpop fans and we are proud.
The success of kpop is because of the international fans. Without us, it's only a small number of Koreans.
Asian countries have not yet been targeted. This is pure racism.
Koreans that live in international countries cannot listen to the music of their culture.
UMG, your will not stop us. We will keep going and we will make sure we keep kpop with us.
you UMG, you should be ashamed. International fans love kpop and we are proud of it.

Help us get noticed and save kpop for international fans' sake.
Start trending #giveuskpop on Twitter, Instagram and every hashtag website.
Repost this message on Facebook, Asianfanfics, Twitter, anywhere we can be noticed.



Written by JUBILEE @ ASIANFANFICS. Please repost.






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Not true. They are not banning kpop. Please read: http://antikpopfangirl.blogspot.com/2013/03/umg-blocks-kpop-videos-people-lose.html?m=1
AahFeeKiee #2
Please don't talk bull____ about UMG. A lot of Korean artists actually promote internationally under UMG, namely SNSD, 2NE1, 4Minute, PSY, B2ST, Far East Movement and Wonder Girls.

UMG can block the ____ out of your favourite videos because THEY CAN. They have the publishing rights to the videos. If they were as racist, they would never want to acquire the rights to the music videos in the dirst place. And just to give you guys a clear description of UMG in relevance to K-Pop, http://www.asianfanfics.com/blog/view/483913
We have been informed that the CUBE videos have been blocked mistakenly as a result of Universal Music Group’s automatic detection system. They are currently working on resolving the issue and apologise for any inconvenience caused! … Please stop panicking and check sources." it was from the official umg tumblr, i'm not sure what to think but they can't do that!
ilovesuju #5
Im LIVING IN Singapore and i cant watch the videos.... :( AAHHH!!I HATE YOU UMG!!!
nasomi2011 #6
...I still don't think that UMG is doing this for money. They would let us internationals view those videos if they wanted more money. And I'm thinking about his from a rational point of view. If they are trying to see how much Koreans view those videos within a given time, they should try that out with the next upcoming music video from CUBE Entertainment, not with videos that are already out and have millions of views. Wouldn't that make more sense? And why restrict it to CUBE Ent? They say that they signed up with CUBE to "redirect traffic to the VEVO sites?" What traffic? Why would there be traffic with CUBE videos in times other than when the music videos are first released? Truthfully, with a clear mindset now, I think it's a bunch of bull.
What? Seriously what is this...
They can't block it just like that...
Many people loves k-pop, they can't block it just like that
I'll check some videos of Cube at YouTube.
I saw this on twitter. Credit goes to the one who posted the link.
I'm gon' go kill a bish, don't hold me back.
FancyFeline #10
Actually, Asian countries have been targeted too. I'm in Malaysia and I can't access the same videos that you guys can't access. I hate this just as much as you guys do...
I am ready to cut a b!tch
I'm sorry but I just got on Cube's official YouTube channel and none of the videos on any of the artists pages are blocked. And I watched alot of video's on each page including Cube's main page. So honestly I dont think that this is true, especially since I live in the central United States. I watched many videos through Cube today; none of them were blocked. There is no reason to spread something that could cause panic in the fandoms.
HyunJane #13
Philippines is asian country~ here too~ they ban some kpop mv's~
[deactivated] #14
nOT lETtING* ____ing hell