My Own Personal Shisus!

I have a new story..., ;)

Is it possible to fall in love with just a voice on the telephone? Lift up the receiver and I'll make you a believer.


Choi Siwon is a very devout man. His entire life is structured and run by his religion. But, unknown to his friends and family, Siwon has many confusing thoughts and desires that go against everything he's ever been taught.

Looking for answers, Siwon decides to call a chat line for lonely and ually frustrated men and women. Instead of being connected to an attractive female to distract from his desires, Siwon finds himself chatting with a man that seems to have all the answers he's been looking for.


What will happen when Siwon's personal savior stops being a voice on his phone and becomes a part of his life?


Watch the Trailer!







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What song did you use for the trailer?
monokalisto #2
I have no idea why I'm going to subscribe for this fic... =.=
After all, I don't like sichul, I'm too much of a hanchul lover... But the plot seems very nice and...and...
Author-nim, you make me read strange things... First La Luna and now this...
miss-siwon #3
I am so excited for this fic! :D