I really am.

Because as cliche as it is to give short term memory loss to the main character of your story (Ghajini, anyone~?) it's equally difficult to make people pay attention to your cliches. And whoever this author is, they've done a really crafy and really clever job of it.

I was a skeptic at first cause fandoms raise hell over the silliest things, and I avoided it for as long as I could. But then I realized that's stupid and I decided to be the judge by myself. And I finally read it last night, (because yeah, I read fast so I finished everything in one sitting) and yes I've been won over. Which is why I want to suggest it to all of you who haven't checked it out yet. Don't waste anymore time. 

Anterograde Tomorrow-- read it, you guys.

It's an exemplary work of vocabulary play and generally good grammar. And I particularly like Jongin's character in it. But mainly, I want people to read it so they know what the bar of writing should be. And I want readers to just... I dunno be better judges, I suppose? This is what fanfics should be like, regardless of pigeonholed characters and directionless truisms. This is the level of clean and lucid authors should have and it's a good target to aim at, I think.





OK, enough about personal opinions. Bye.

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