I really am.

Because as cliche as it is to give short term memory loss to the main character of your story (Ghajini, anyone~?) it's equally difficult to make people pay attention to your cliches. And whoever this author is, they've done a really crafy and really clever job of it.

I was a skeptic at first cause fandoms raise hell over the silliest things, and I avoided it for as long as I could. But then I realized that's stupid and I decided to be the judge by myself. And I finally read it last night, (because yeah, I read fast so I finished everything in one sitting) and yes I've been won over. Which is why I want to suggest it to all of you who haven't checked it out yet. Don't waste anymore time. 

Anterograde Tomorrow-- read it, you guys.

It's an exemplary work of vocabulary play and generally good grammar. And I particularly like Jongin's character in it. But mainly, I want people to read it so they know what the bar of writing should be. And I want readers to just... I dunno be better judges, I suppose? This is what fanfics should be like, regardless of pigeonholed characters and directionless truisms. This is the level of clean and lucid authors should have and it's a good target to aim at, I think.





OK, enough about personal opinions. Bye.


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I'm actually reading it right now. I've been avoiding it because I had no interest in EXO fics. I'll see how I like it.
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After seeing this fic recced a million times, I finally went near it--part lack of time, part insecurity, hahaha. Didn't cry, nope, but a part of my soul is stuck in AT anyway. And now I understand why this fic got even a few of my high school friends to cry. OTL

The bit with them on the beach, especially when Kyungsoo wakes up before dawn, gave me the same "holy____thisisactuallyreallycool" feeling as those scenes with the rockets and the fields in Go Centi. ;u; Also, Jongin here reminds me of myself for some reason...
wow liveblogging my AT experience here
i just read all (approximately) 23000 words of it and though i knew it was gonna be sad i still teared. it really is good writing. im jealous and insecure but inspired.
and, to tell the truth, that was the first kaisoo fic ive read all the way through. i normally dont like the charavterizations given but this one subtly wormed its way in lol.
thanks for the fic rec and link! ^.^
ive heard of it and how people say the fics really lovely but ive just never had the motivation to sit and read through it. im kinda scared it'll make me really sad, if it really is as wonderful as everyone says.
also, i think ive been putting it off because i know that the author of that fic is auch a wonderful writer,
and that if i read the fic, ill feel discouraged about my own writing. TT.TT but im sure itll inspire me to do better so i still have it bookmarked, waiting to be read sometime in the future.

the plot of ghajini sounds so cool but is there a lot of gore? >.<
Oooh omg yes i love Ghajini~ and Anterograde Tomorrow as well. Both totally made me cry, it's not even funny.
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Okay, so this is going up my things To do
Today list:) but I have to ask...
*shuffles around uncomfortably*
Even in the most diluted form?
Hey, better safe than sorry eh?
Don't tell me what to read! /stomps away
The style in A.T was just brilliant, I could live through all the cheesy lines becauss for once it really felt real. Jongin's character is so in your face that you just cry because you've just realised you can dwell in melodrama without even cringing. The plot is so vert farmiliar but with a few unexpecting twists.

The ending absoloutely crushed me lol.
But the dialouge just, uh, I cannot anymoreee
The author's language is beautiful; something lovely that reminds us of how niceties can make all the difference needed to separate gracefulness from the usual fluff.