Rank members of EXO and BAP based on popularity. Be objective and no hating please.

Okay. So I've been writing about EXO and BAP for a while now. I'm not the biggest fan of both groups so Im really not aware of what's going on in the fandom. I just want to know who among all the members in each group is the most popular or well loved. Again, this is not to compare EXO and BAP but to know the rankings of each members.


This is some kind of survey and opinions will greatly help me in my future stories. Tell me your thoughts in the comment section below.


Thank you! :)



*** Update: Based on the comments, the following members are the top 3 for each group:

BAP - Bang, Zelo, Daehyun

EXO - Kai, Luhan, Sehun


Did I get it correctly?


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DaeJaeGyu #1
In b.a.p it can change every while
i follow b.a.p since their debut
and the popularity raking had changed most of the time
each member has a place in the industry or any country that he's famous at . and so the fans they don't really cheer on someone more than the other , maybe for zelo a little bit more because he's young and cute and everyone squeal
but at the fansigns and the fancams of each member is equal
so i don't see that much of differences between them
ShawolExotic01 #2
4 me bap: Jongup,Himchan,Daehyun
Exo: Baekhyun,Sehun,Chanyeol
tetehwang #3
I agreed with the BAP ranking but i don't really agree with EXO ranking :)) Sehun's not that popular i think :)) I think Baekhyun is more popular than him
For me
B.A.P : Daehyun > Zelo > Yongguk > Himchan > Yongjae, Jongup
EXO-K : Baekhyun > Kai,Sehun,Chanyeol,Suho,D.O
EXO-M : Tao > Lay,Chen,Kris,XiuMin,Luhan
For b.a.p I'd say Daehyun is first and then zelo and bang. Youngae is probably fourth because of his recent song w/sunhwa. Jongup and himchan are deffinately tied at the bottom
i know nothing at all about gap ( i dont even knows the members) so here's for exo!


(not based on my bias)
clasombillo #8
Well,with bap,the usual stories that i read has yongguk,zelo or daehyun as the lead characters.with exo,it varies.mostly it would be the bias of the writer.whomever you prefer,i love them all:-)