Sehun Oppa Look-Alike *o*

Omg. Omg. Oh. Se. Hun. At. My. School. No, only his look-alike... AND IT IS AMAZING AND I LOVE THIS OMG MY BIAS MY SEHUN SERIOUSLY!!!!!???

Our school held a cross-country race today and I saw him, like, multiple times... And he really reminds me of Sehun oppa.. If he does like this

photo tumblr_mh6o1rEzRK1s0md1fo1_500_zps7a3e87e2.jpg

He really looks like Sehun oppa !!! But this is just my opinion but yeah I CAN'T STOP FANGIRLING. The only difference is his eyes. Sehun oppa's eyes is much smaller than his. Ehehehehehe. HE'S MY JUNIOR OKAY XDXD So I'm his noona ohohohohohoh ~~~~ You guys know what ? I always steal glances at him, and when he looks at me, I turned my face away with my face reddened XD IT WAS AWESOME OKAYYYYYYY HE'S HANDSOME ASDFGHJKL but I don't fall for him... Like seriously, I appreciate every awesome-looking people around me. Including me heeehehehe. What? WE ARE ALL AWESOME!!! AWESOME OKAYYY XD EXOTICS ARE AWESOME ! OUR EXO BOYS ARE AWESOME !

I don't know but, Sehun oppa...kinda reminds boy (space) friend.... Yes. Friend. Only that. The same difference : EYES. Yeahhhhh eyes. His eyes is much bigger, than Sehun oppa's. He's more chubby than oppa as well XD Awesome again. If I can meet the REAL OH SEHUN FOR ONCE EVEN JUST FOR A MINUTE I CAN NEVER IMAGINE A BETTER LIFE. OR TALK TO HIM OR TAKE A PICTURE WITH HIM OR SPEND A DAY WITH HIM OR WITH ALL OF EXO. It's okay to dream BIG, it's free anyway ! :D

I think it's fate. I'm fated to be an EXOtic. If I never downloaded EXO-K's What is Love song.... I'll never be an EXOtic. Ever. And I would never transformed to A 24-HOUR SUPPORTIVE FANGIRL EVER (yeah right...) SUPPORTIVE EXOTIC EVER (acceptable) IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. AND FALLEN ANGEL AS WELL. I love EXO so much ! They're my life TT Not really, but THEY MAKE ME FEEL SO ALIVE. Thanks to God , for giving me chances to live until this day to support my EXO boys. Thanks to their parents for giving birth to them, ahjusshis OMG thanks to your .... Thanks to fate that I got to download What is Love... Thanks to everything, everyone. Omg I'm tearing up... TT huhuhuhu... Anyway, let's keep supporting EXO XD and other KPOP groups as the ULTIMATE KPOPPERS. Have a nice day & HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR 2013 THE YEAR OF SNAKE TO ALL CHINESE AND BUDDHIST ALL AROUND THE WORLD XD INCLUDING THE CHINESE MEMBERS OF EXO ! Lay the lovely unicorn, Luhan the CUTEST deer, Kris the........handsome dragon /coughs/ and Tao the KUNGFU PANDA !!! XD Hehehe ~~ ^^


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DaFeFe #1
There's three freakin people in my family that are look a likes to Sehun..:P My cousin, my cousin's husband,and my third cousin :P wtf...I cant date them and they're too old and they're married...They look almost exactly like Sehun!
I found Chen look-alike at my school...and he was my crush lol XD but it's true!I didn't realize it at first but when I combined his photo with Chen,they look like twins! :D
but..I wish my school had more kpop idol look alike~~
k4ryss4 #3
at my school, there is this friend, boy (space) friend, that look like grayson chance. I WANT KPOP ARTIST, NOT GC!
My best friend's friend looks like Woohyun from infinite! So crazy~
my friend said that there is someone look like D.O but i never had chance to see him although he always NEAR us -____- he even run BESIDE me when road run but still i didn't have chance to see his face TT___TT
you should upload the picture of your boy (space) friend xD
I wanna see it if he looks like Sehun xD
btw, Happy Chinese New Year ;)
WeiShan #8
Yeah, yeah, happy chinese new year! There's no handsome boys in my school, no exo look-alike. It's not like I'm pretty either :x
Aww you lucky girl! There used to be a boy in my math class who looked just like Dongho from U-KISS, he Had the cutest little Korean accent. I think he switched schools though :(
i-am-fabulous #10
Omo u luve is korean if u do then aww lucky
I have a younger cousin that looks almost exactly like LuHan...
Ahehehe xD Well...I'm not laughing 'bout tis blog since wat u talked about was HOT but...when I was readin' ur blog,ta pic wasn't uploading so like...(ROFL)...I was kinda frustrated n doing those lips xD jus...LOL...iuanno how tat worked xD Ehehehe 흐흐
I was sort of confused. the guy in the pic above is not sehun? Omg if he is your junior, then waw...