New EXO fanfic featuring Kai and Luhan! ^^

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I've just created a new fic today because I'm going to finish one of my current fic and I will only update this fic after completing the other. 


My new fic: Love and Dreams



a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.

All I ever wanted was for some to love me wholeheartedly.

However, it is something simple yet difficult to get.


a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep or awake(daydream).

I love singing and I want to be an idol. I want to be famous so that everyone will know me.

Maybe then someone will really love me?




You/ Lee Hyunae:


You are a cold person because of the lack of love. You have a sharp tongue and offended almost everybody in school. The only people who could stand you are your best friends and your childhood friends. Although you have a sharp tongue, you are actually a soft-hearted person. You are a calm person but get violent towards things or people when you are unhappy. You are 15 years old, your third year at YouXiu middle school.

Lives in: China


Your friends:


Kai/Kim Jongin:


He is a calm and collected person but is violent when angered. He is your best friend since you were in diapers but you moved to China because of your mother’s work. Kai’s personality is like yours. He can be very cocky and only you can stand him. He is 16 years old. (Will not appear until later but is still one of the main characters.)

Lives in: Korea


Byun Baekhyun:

He is your other childhood friend who will always support you when Kai bullies you. He is a cute and hyperactive guy who never fails to make you smile and laugh at his actions. He is 18 years old. His uncle is the CEO of SM entertainment, Lee Sooman. (Will not appear until later but is still one of the lead characters.)

Lives in: Korea



A very fun and friendly guy who is your best friend other than Kai and Baekhyun. You are the closest to him in your group of friends. The both of you are like twins. He is 20 years old and is in the second year of YouXiu high school.

Lives in: China


Xiumin/ Kim Minseok:

He is the eldest in the group and the most matured but he always acts like he’s 12. He can be very fun and is a joker. He will always try to cheer you up when you are down and have never failed to do so. He treats you like a little sister and is very protective of you. He is 19 years old and is in the first year at YouXiu high school.

Lives in: China


Kris/ Wu Yi Fan:

He may seem very cold and distant but he is actually a very dorky and fun guy who has a HUGE crush on you. He treats you like a princess and you know that he likes you. You will always hint that you do not like him and he knows who you really like. However, he never gives up. He is 18 years old and is in the sixth and final year at Youxiu middle school.

Lives in: China


Tao/Huang Zitao:

He is the maknae of the group and truly acts like one. He is always seeking for your attention and is actually a very sarcastic person. He may be very childish but he is also protective of you. He is 17 years old and is in the fifth year at YouXiu middle school.

Lives in: China


Chen/Kim Jongdae:

He is a quiet and shy boy. He was once your boyfriend but had a mutual breakup when things were not going as well as the both of you expected it to be. He knows you well and is always secretly protecting you. He is 18 years old and is in his sixth and final year at YouXiu middle school.

Lives in: China

Lay/Zhang Yixing:
He is a quiet and matured guy and you are not as close to him compared to the others. Although the both of you hardly talk, you have a strong friendship with him too. He is 19 years old and is in his first year at YouXiu high school.

Lives in: China


You will notice that their ages are 2 years younger than their real age. That’s because I’m going to start the story and then fast forwarded it to their current age.


SM Academy: SM academy has a middle school, high school and university. SM academy is a place where those who wants to be an idol attend their classes at.

YouXiu academy is just like SM academy but Youxiu is in China while SM is in Korea.




You have always dream to be a singer, which is why you wish you can attend SM academy in Korea. You always wanted love and attention like those famous singer but you never have them. Your mother loved your elder sister and younger brother more than you. You were always left out in your family, which is why you prefer to hang out with your friends. Your friends have always been with you since five years ago. However, in the fifth year of friendship, things started to change and everyone started to ignore you. You felt depress. You have no one to love you. You did not want money, you did not want fame. You did not even want to be a singer. All you ever wanted was for someone to love you. Will you ever receive the love you wanted or will you be alone forever?




Do take a look and support me! :3 Seeya there!! ^^


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