EXO's Comeback postponed!

SM will be releasing a song by SNSD tomorrow. Just got this news and so our dear exo's comeback is still unknown. U may bash me now! Haaaa!


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ah~~~~~~~ *cries while stomping my feet* i wanted to see them soo badly before I'm having an important exam next year!
EXO oppa! wae?!
Cshinmi #3
I want to watch them perform again but with a new song. Darn SM. Hopefully they will have their comeback soon if not this December. :(
And i was going to buy there album in Hong Kong coz its cheaper T^T anyway... Im going to go cry in a whole now..
Lol.. Why would people bash unnie D; you are just stating the fact.
Aishhh O_O I was going to get the album as a Christmas gift but I guess I can wait yup I can wait lolol
[deactivated] #6
:( oh well it's okay. I just miss the boys very much~ T.T but they should rest up and enjoy the Holidays. ^^
.... seriously? bogus.
i thought SM were gonan focus SNSD in JP.
oh well.