EXO-K ideal girl's height and weight

exo k ideal girl's height and weight 

kai : 167-169 , 45kg

suho : 158-160 , 45kg

sehun : 167-169 , 43kg

d.o : 158-160 , 40kg


baekhyun : 159-161 , 38kg

chanyeol : 169-171 , 50kg


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marieexoluv13 #1
OMG I've seen thicker match sticks.
Synnen #2
Wait, they all want a girl who is 13-15 cm shorter and 20 kg lighter than themselves...? Is this something they really said?
As someone who is 177cm, I think I might be just a tad too tall and heavy for EXO...
Glurpy #4
Okay to fit my biases standard just have to loose a few centimetres......

I'd say chanyeol's is the only more realistic one, the rest of them are quite ridiculous (looking at Baekhyun's especially)
What's happened to guys wanting something to hug?
suhologram #5
Mwo? What is this...? They won't love me if I'm overweight and not tall enough? Come on... <3 hopefully that's not the case...
Nabylah91 #6
Lol Erm, i'am 160cm and 47kg ,is that okay??
And what funny is my older sister is actually 156cm and 45kg o_O,
so...exo..? It's hard to be your ideal type i guess, tsk2*_*
Uhm what. Are these guys afraid of having to carry the girl out of romantic sense, that they chose the lowest number they can think of?
dokidoki_sarang #8
Who is actually that weight and height? Exo-oppas, wouldn't the girl be somewhat un-healthy and anorexic? And I assume that u would also like her to be around ur age, right??? Not 10-15 year olds that are sometimes that weight? I'm not Korean so I don't know if that weight is normal in that culture, but not in here!?
What sehun
Are you gotta kidding me
I'm 162cm and 58kg.......

What kind of standard is it
Is it korean standard beauty
Because it's too scary
I just can't imagine it
Imo, the height and weight just don't fit one another, no offense

Now I gotta join basketball team to increase my height and do some diet to fit sehun's sobs
Wow, their ideal types are flipping anorexic -_-"
Only fit into Baekhyun's ideal type ^^
chocolatd #12
lol i'm 151cm and 39kg
baekhyun for you gotta go taller and lose a kilo
kimtaemihaha #13
Lol 38kg????hul wow