stupid haters, HAHA

^ ^ Hello guys, just wanna share about something, (if you can't stand of haters/anti, so don't open it)


#do you know this girl??? 


#she ing insult hyukk and suju, seriously.. I was like 'huh?? what the %^&*$#!??"


#the part that almost make me cry when she state there that all the members of SUJU hate eunhyuk >_<


#damn! stupid ! I hate her, I regret open it, totally ruin my mood..


#I'm sorry, but I feel like wanna share, you know.. burst out through this T__T


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hey... chill :)
haters and antis are fool, they are wasting their time by hating people.. !
[deactivated] #2
is it too cruel to block her?