The Daddies And Mommies Season 1 Application :3


NAME:(korean please^^) Song Ara

Age: 19

Partner: G-Dragon

Personality: Ara is a very happy-go-lucky, but naive girl. She is easily distracted when it comes to housework, but when it comes to her baby, her focus is unbreakable. Her opinions are very easily swayed by her partner, mostly because she is distracted by his looks. She loves to listen to boy bands, especially now Big Bang, and is a proud VIP. She has a fondness of cute things, like babies and small animals,

ulzzang pic:(3 hq links and name too) ulzzang kim shin yeong

Family background: Ara was born and raised in California with her mom, stepdad, and two younger half brothers. Although she never met her father, it had been a strong desire of hers to get to meet him. Her mom had Ara at a fairly young age, but has always done the best she can with raising her. Her stepfather loves Ara like his own daughter, but because the two are ethnically different, people notice right away that the two aren't related (Ara's birth parents are both Korean, but her step father is a European-American). Her two younger brothers love to , but she still loves them all the same. All of her family is very supportive of her decisions and they let her do things on her own.

Love life details: When Ara finds a boy that she likes, she gives them two weeks to figure out her true feelings for them. While she has only had two lasting boyfriends up until The Daddies And Mommies, she finds a true loving friend in G-Dragon, and wishes that the two of them would stay in a relationship forever. She is very devoted to G-Dragon, and will often (comically) literally refuse to look at other men so that she stays in love with him. While he sometimes finds her actions to be extreme, G-Dragon gradually begins to fall for Ara, too.

Pic of your baby:

Name of baby: Shim Minah

Family or team name: The Aegyo Family

How do you take care of your baby: While G-Dragon is a little nervous to handle a little girl at first, Ara gently pushes him to bond with the child. She is immediately attatched to Minah like a mother would be and loves to do everything with her. G-Dragon slowly warms up to having to change and bathe her like a father would, and wants her to be a "daddy's little girl".

Likes: sweet things

cute things (puppies, babies, etc.)

warm colors


pop music

clothes shopping

taking care of others


Dislikes: cool colors

odd numbers

being alone

sour foods

Habits: hums while she's working

is easily distracted

is very emotionally attatched to things she likes

Hobbies: likes to sing

does housework often (usually because she gets too distracted to finish what she set out to do)

likes spending time with G-Dragon and Minah

helping others

tries to teach herself how to play piano

Ethnicity: Korean-American

Rival: Park Bom


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