So I was reading Kyuhyun confessions on tumblr, and I came across a few confessions that were like, "I don't get why Kyuhyun gets called fat even though he's the 3rd heaviest in SJ" or "I don't think it's because he doesn't show his stomach just because of his scar"

I looked it up and I saw that he's 69 kg (which is roughly 159 pounds)


How the hell is that fat?

I mean, he's 5'11, and he's 69 kg...That's pretty healthy, if you ask me... Not to mention, he dances, a lot. So most of it is muscle since (if some of you didn't know) muscle weighs more than fat.

But then again, I go to the asian side of my and go, "Yeah, that's understandable" because Asians are really...Ruthless(?) so to speak when it's about weight. And this is coming from me who was told constantly by my famliy that I was fat, and by my family's friends, and by the people in the church who give me advice on ways to lose weight. I'm always compared to someone skinner than my by the Asian people I know (that don't go to the same school as me). I mean, I get fat comments a lot.

Honestly, now I see why Kyuhyun never shows his stomach (in which I'm soo happy he doesn't because I would feel very awkward if he did like how I am whenever Siwon does it)

He was overweight in high school, nicknamed "Chubby thing", had people enjoy kicking his , people making fun of his weight, and countless fans tell him that he's fat since he's the 3rd heaviest in Super Junior, not to mention, he's a celebirty, which makes the comments even more ruthless.

Maybe I'm just overthinking this because I'm in the same situation since you'll never see me wear anything sleeveless or tummy showing, or short shorts. 

But still, Kyuhyun's pretty normal. Maybe it's the American version of my that's saying this because to me, he looks skinny. Amazingly skinny. 

Sometimes, I wish I would get off my lazy arse and learn Korean just so that I can tell him that. 


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kpopoppa #1
Kyuhyun is not fat . He's not my bias but I will punch anyone how says he is!! Like my bias Sungjin get bashed for it, I don't think he's fat:(
[deactivated] #2
Unnie, I was watching youtube and I found the reason why Kyuhyun and Yesung never show their abs. Well, Kyuhyun, he's only heavy cause he is slightly on the chubbier side, but he is also 5'11". Siwon was saying that Yesung has better abs than hing, but he can't show them because he has a scar on him. His mother put it there ao she knows it's him and that he can inherit the land when she passes. Kyuhyun also has great abs. Siwon and Eunhyuk said that we'll probably will see them soon. He said he also doesn't show them because the scars he endured from the 2007 ar accident. he has big muscles though. :) Trust me, it's mostly the height of Kyu. I bet his BMI is like, 21.3 or something.
Kyuhyun is chubby..but not really fat..he's just cute..maybe his brain is heavy XD
if kyuhyun's fat then im obese...
seriously.. 2 me i feel that dont need to have the necessity to have abs.. :) that my opinion
Claudiaaa #5
hm true elfs wouldn't say that. i seriously don't understand why some girls get so obsessed with guys having abs or muscles. i mean, seriously? So what if the guy has abs like siwon? it doesn't mean that they are much superior than those who doesn't. but of course, i wouldn't say that i would like to get a fat guy or anything,but still, it all comes form the heart. You wouldn't care if your guys has muscles or abs or not.As long as you know that he truly loves you, i mean, what more can a woman ask for? ;)
And and in some of the videos that i've watched,kyuhyun does have quite a physical built :) he's just buffy i guess :) the hugable kind. HAHA :D but whatever, i still love him the way he is, so who cares what the others think about him! <3
I agree. Other people's comments shouldn't truly matter. As long as you are comfortable in your own skin.
Seaworld24 #7
People these days think that if you aren't a stick or anorexic then your fat.

People minds are screwed up these days
U'RE NOT FAT!!!!!!
I'm not fat but it's better being fat than being a midget....
I so agree I mean if that's fat then me being 5'10 and weighing what I weight then I'm fatter then him :( seriously its no point in listening to comments like that about kyuhyun or any other idol being fat
If Kyu's fat, then I'm a big fat whale O_o
*thows knife covered balls of lava at people*
Kyuhyun is beautiful<3 (Or, yeah, you know what I mean.)
It's pretty weird seeing Siwon shirtless, honestly. ._.
[deactivated] #13
Ehmagawd, I did not know that. Hayh sista! I'm back!
In Sorry Sorry he kind of looked sickly skinny TT TT
My Chinese step mom is 5'7 and 115 lbs & she thinks she's fat when she's skinny as a stick. I think some Asians, especially ones that grew up there, exaggerate about weight (like how theyll say some girl has an s line, but they just look skinny to me). Bottom line is, I guess it's better to ignore stuff like that (cuz with me, all it does is lower my self esteem, I'm 5'1 and 107lbs, and I'm always conscious about my arms and sometimes stomach, especially when my dad calls me fat... Though its only him in my family that says that to me... But i guess he's used to my stick like step mom, lol)