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The real you



About you

'Kim Park' Kimberly Anne Park

Friends: Kimmy - eg. Taeminnie, Yeollie, Channie, Joonnie, you get the point.
              Mikki(e) - Kim in backwards is Mik. Add Ki or Kie so it would be a girl's name. 

Bestfriend: Kimchi - Kim used to eat a lot of Kimchi in her childhood days, with her bestfriend. Plus, it has Kim in it.
Brother: Teddy Bear - Check her personality.


January | 14 | 1994



Blood type: 

Half Korean | Half Taiwanese

Arizona | USA

California | USA

She is FLUENT in Korean, Chinese, Japanese, English, French. She learned how to speak her native language because her parents always spoke to her in Korean & Chinese. Since she didn't study those languages, she doesn't understand deep words. (For example, she knows all the simple words but doesn't know the hard and deep ones, like in korean she doesn't know what poem, planets, etc etc Can't think of anything else. But I hope you get what I mean) So when she speaks, it sometimes has a mixture of English in it. She learnt the other languages from her dad (Because he's a Language Teacher), and learnt French at school. 

They way you look

Lee Dasom

D | A | S | O | M   for more photos  Click here

Back-up Ulzzang:
Pony | Park Hye Min

P | O | N | Y  for more photos click here

Her styles are quite girly. Even though she wears girly clothes, do. not. judge. her. She acts like a pig boy. And she never, EVER wears skirts or dresses.

Has her ears pierced but doesn't like wearing earings (It's itchy, and she's too lazy to putting it on and taking it off). When you look at her up-close, you'll notice that she has small freckles (ehem... it doesn't show in the photos). Her friends tell her that she has silky hair, but she never believes them. (My friends always says that I have silky hair but I keep denying it... Not bragging or snything...) 


She has a very unique personality and very unique talents. For one she can sleep for up to two weeks without falling into a coma which earned her, her nicknames. She is also a very talented....prankster. She can prank anybody and everybody she wants to prank. She can, and will, literally prank the pants off anyone unfortunate enough to be part of her evil schemes. She is also very sporty and athletic which she uses to her advantage and annoys people half to death to get them running after her but they eventually give up because she outruns them all the time which annoys them even more. People love to be around her, despite her pranks, because of her refreshing personality and natural charm, which she never fails to overlook.

 Her favorite thing to eat is COOKIES!!! She can be persuaded to do nearly anything for one good cookie. And if someone refuses to give one to her she puts on her, as people call it, "Kitten Act", why they call it that she doesn't know. Basically she holds your chin to face her so your eyes meet her dark, hypnotizing, chocolate orbs, stare at you intently, and smiles her devastatingly charming, sweep you off your feet, smile after that she walks away with all the cookies she gets leaving the person stunned by her sudden change from, a cute little eye-smiling, cookie-eating prankster to a charismatic ,charming love-of-your-life type of gurl. (almost like what "puss in boots" does in "Shrek" xP)

She also loves to dance. The only thing that would distract her from dancing was a plate full of cookies. You should never-ever distract her from dancing unless you have a plate full of cookies. Or else she'll go wild grizzly bear on you and pierce through your soul with her otherwise charming eyes that she turns into deep chocolate whirlpools that seem to the life out of you. It is also not a good idea to let her lose.

She hates to lose so much, she even once stated she would rather die than lose. She cannot and will not accept that someone is better than her at anything. Anything at all. She really gives everything her all and does everything whole-heartedly. She hates people who just give up half-way through whatever it is their doing.



Kim was born in USA, that's why she has an english name. She grew, raised, and studied in California, USA. She has two brothers, her older brother, Jaehyun (which has the same birthday but he is a year older. Which is strange) and her younger brother, Jinyoung. Her mother, Yoonae is a martial arts teacher so she thought Kim how to fight, but Jinyoung was interested and wanted to learn, but Yoonae wouldn't let him because he's a guy and he can take care of himself. Since she wouldn't let him, he used his secret and dangerous weapon, his aegyo. Making Yoonae agree to teach him since no one has the guts to say no to Jinyoung when he uses his aegyo. While Jaehyun sulks in the corner of the room because Yoonae wouldn't teach him Martial arts. Her father, Yonghwa had thought Kim, Jaehyun and Jinyoung how to speak different languages because Yonghwa is a Language teacher. When Jaehyun was 15, Yoonae moved to Taiwan because she got a job offer there while Yonghwa Stayed in USA to look after the kids and tach the highschoolers, different languages. When Jaehyun turned 16, he, Kim and Jinyoung moved to Taiwan also to live with their Mother (Their first time going to taiwan!). They lived there for 2 years then finally moved to Korea for their first time (they arrived there, by themselves). They only moved to Kore,, last year so they still aren't familiar with the shops and things around. After a year, Jaehyun decided to go back to USA to finish his studies, leaving Kim and Jinyoung behind. Then one day, Kim accidently bumps into her childhood bestfriend who came from USA, Junhyung.


-Playing sports
-Her brother and her bestfriend
-Texting her family


-Getting distracted from dancing
-Not having cookies
-Half-hearted actions
-make-up, dresses, skirts
-cute and pink stuff


-Eating cookies
-Listening to Music
-Playing video games
-Exercising or playing sports
-Texting her family


Nervous= Sleeps
Lying= Stutters and blinks (that's why she's horrible at acting)
Sleeps=Sleeptalks and sleepwalks
When drunk= Kisses the first person she sees. Not just any kiss. French kiss. (oh lala~ Though, she hasn't had her first kiss. This habit is kind of a family habit. So every family member in her
family has this habit)

When hears music= Can't help but sing along. Even if there's no lyrics, she'll just make up random

when her friends tell her a secret= she accidently blurts the secret out when she's with herfriends but doesn't blurts her own secret out 
(so technically she only blurts out her friends secrets but not her own secrets)
When with her bestfriend or her brother= she threats them like her boyfriends for e.g she hugs them, kisses them on the cheeks, always hang out, sometimes gives junhyung (not jaehyun though) a peck on the lips,backhugs them, says "i love you" ,etc!
(but she has no feelings for junhyung AND her brother...that would be weird...falling inlove with her brother *shudders*)
When chatting with people= Accidently speaks other languages that causes the person she's talking to get confused


Water, swimming, beach, etc etc.
Kim was always the rebellious type of girl. One day, after a heavy rain, it was Kim's 7th birthday, her family decided that they should go to the beach. After that, they decided to go to a boat cruise. When they went to the deep waters. Kim, being the rebellious child, went to the side of the boat and sat down, feet touching the water. Little did she know that there was a shark nearby. Since her family didn't know that she was just seating on the side, they moved the boat. Speeding it a bit, making Kim fall on the water. Around that time, she didn't know how to swim. So, when the family found out that she was gone, they cam back only to find her, surrounded by a shark. Her mom quickly jumped into the water and saved her. But Kim's mom's arm got bitten off. Ever since that event. Kim never celebrated her birthday and always became a walking zombie when her birthday came. And when she hears or sees anything that's related to that event, she would either sit in the corner of the room and rock her self or lock her bedroom and stay there for a whole day.


Trivia(s): (Kim is going to be the one who's speaking here...)
-I'm a Blackbelt in Martial arts. I've mastered Tae kwon do, Kung Fu, Judo, Karate....uhh...damn! I lost count! and... Anything that's similar to them. I even learned "Dim Mak" I felt so happy when i learned it... But sadly, I coudn't try it out to my Bestfriend or my brother, or i'll end up in jail, hehe. And again, I haven't told this to anyone... except my family and my bestfriend. Plus, I don't show this off, I only use it when it's an emergency or when it's REALLY needed
-Believe it or not, but i'm a Tomboy. I ACT like one but as you can see... my looks are kind of... girly, like what people say "Don't judge a book by it's cover" . Yes, I know that my looks are very decieving but what can I do?
-Don't EVER mess with me if you don't want to be embarrassed in the Public
-Ok, this MAY sound weird but... I always wished that i have abs. Everytime I see abs i keep getting amazed. Once, my bestfriend and my brother told me that i was drooling when i was looking at a guys abs at the beach, goch that was so embarrassing. According to them (my brother and bestfriend), I keep saying "ah!~" "oh!~" "wow~!" "woah~!" everytime i see people who has abs, and then complain about why I don't have abs or muscles. I actually don't know that i do that!  And that always ends up with me wrestling, thumb wrestling, arm wrestling, or fighting with the boys. But i always end up winning, the boys are afraid of me now, hehe.
-At home I wear glasses....making me look like a cute nerd? ....actually let's scratch that, and change that to "making me look like an ugly nerd"
- I wear contacts even though i hate them! It's because everytime I keep putting contacts on I end up poking my eye. I need to wear contacts when I'm in the public. So i only wear glasses at home.
-When i was a kid, my brother was my rolemodel back then. So i copied his personality, and we ended up having the same personalities, likes, dislikes, etc. But we still have some differences. People keep callng us twins because we're close and have the same personality.
-I don't call any one "oppa" actually it sounds so weird when i call the boys oppa. So i decided to call them hyung, but i call my brother and my bestfriend "oppa" because we're close and we're family. And besides, I've been with those two for who knows how long!
- I'm very BAD in acting, because acting is like lying to me so basically I stutter, blink, and fiddle with my fingers when I'm acting and lying.

-I'm also like being mysterious. So no one actually knows my FULL name, I go by the name of Kim Park, (my fighting skills, my trauma/fear, my languages which I think they only think that I'm good in Korean, my love for sleeping and I think that's all) except for my bestfriend and my family of course. 



Father | Yonghwa | 43 | June, 10 | Language teacher in USA | Alive | Is a loving and caring father. Understands his kids, very well.

Mother | Yoonae | 42 | November, 2 | Martial arts Teacher | Alive but has one arm | Before, she was a very playful, happy, loving mother. But ever since that event (you know what I mean) She became a strict person to Kim. A very scary, strict person. 


Park Jaehyun | 19 | January, 14, 1993 | none | Alive | He and Kim has the same personality, since Jaehyun was Kim's rolemodel. Though, they have some slight differences.

State the differences:
-ICE CREAM LUVER~! (Talks about ice cream ALL THE TIME! ~)
-never EVER fails to bring the "ice cream" topic/subject up.
(every time they start a subject...or text messages jaehyun NEVER! fails to bring the ice cream subject up.....one time they were talking about zombies then the next thing Kim knows they're talking about chocolate ice cream. the other time they were talking about the sky it led to mint ice-cream!)
-loves to text (because his parents got him unlimited text)
-never ever sends back a short message and doesn't like to receive short message replies either
-LOVES ICE CREAM instead of cookies
-can sleep up to 3 weeks w/o falling into a coma
-instead of dancing he writes and composes lyrics/songs

Park Jinyoung | 15 | December, 25, 1997 | Always joins martial arts contest | Alive 

He can be considered and evil maknae. He is evil but doesn't look like it because of his innocent expressions and soft features. It wouldn't be a good idea to underestimate his capabilities because he really isn't just a little kid.
Frankly, he kicks , like literally. He has a black belt in Taekwondo and karate and has won 10 tournaments against people much older and much more capable-looking than him. This is where that saying "Size doesn't matter" or "Don't judge a book by its cover" applies.
He is protective of the people close to him and gets upset when they're upset. He's like the perfect little brother that protects his older siblings and can still kick serious .
He's sporty and competitive like most boys his age and loves to win...well doesn't everybody? He also has a killer aegyo and can get almost anything he wants with it.
All in all he's a cute-competitive-sporty-protective-black belted-kick little brother everyone wants to have.


Others: -none-

Friends/Best friend: 

Kwon Junhyung | 18 | January, 1, 1994 | Trainee of SMENT | alive | Had been friends with Kim and Jaehyun since they were kids. He acts like her brother, bestfriend and always an over-protective boyfriend. Acts like a crazy maniac when he's with her. Clings into her like a he's a stain that wouldn't come off.

Quiet and seems cold when you first meet him but he's a big softy at heart, once you're close to him. He likes to make people smile and laugh. He always puts up a cold look when ever he meets someone new, because he's always looking for people who would take the time to know him better. When he's nervous he tends to blush slightly and smile a lot. He hates it when his friends call him "Bunny Rabbit Jun", they call him that because they call him a shy guy instead of a cold guy. When he's alone with someone he likes, he always surprises them with his dorky side, where he cracks jokes a lot and tends to be very slippery with his hands but he's sweet all in all.
He is a little complicated to understand because when he's cold, quiet, and stoic, once you've newly met, it takes him weeks or days until he opens up slowly. He always tries to put up a "cool" personality, to impress people, but he can't help but smile when he's happy.
When he's caught doing something dorky, he immediately freezes and gets very nervous; especially when he's caught eating sweets.
He is competitive at times, and can be very sly yet mature at the same time. Since he puts up a "cool" personality, he always acts mature, but due to his short-temper he gets into verbal fights a lot.
He loves music a lot, so when he's into the music, he ignores everyone and everything around him; as if he was in a dream. He is also very good at swimming and soccer, since he's been playing ever since he was young.


Rival: -none-  Except for the ones she had put a pranked on

Love interest: Kai
Birthdate: January | 14 | 1994
Age: 18
Everyone thinks that Kai is a cool playboy. Everyone also wants to be his friend. He acts like a player to all the girls who approaches him and who flirts with him. Actually his true personality is a shy and innocent guy. So he's ignorant and a clueless guy. He doesn't actually know what kind of dirty things he keeps saying to the girls (lol, so he doesn't know what he's saying to the girls xD). The only thing he know is that the girls love it. He hates those kind of girls. No one ever knew that he's actually a hopeless romantic.

How do you act around each other: 
Though, Kai would be the one to fall for her first.
And make a move on her ;P
Slowly reveals his true personality when he spends his time with her more

How do you meet: 
He was dared by his group-mates (EXO).  To join a dance contest. If he lost, he would loose the main dancer title and have to give it to Luhan. Plus, he'll be EXO's maid for 3 months. (Which is horrible to him, since he's always the one who bosses EXO around). 
The contest has 3 rounds (each round = each night). What happens is that Kim also gets dared by her Bestfriend. If she looses, she'll also be her bestfriend's slave for 3 months, whats more scary is that Junhyung is crazy when they're together (multiple personalities, you can say). And of course, Kim is terrified. 
But there's a catch, it's a boys only contest. And Why do EXO and Kim's bestfriend wants to win badly? Oh right... Because the prizes are an iPad, iPod touch, and a PS3 set. So when Kim and Kai gets to the second round. The judges say that they'll have to partner up with someone and do a partner dance (waltz, tango, etc etc). Of course, Kim and Kai are partnered up (by the judges) and are having trouble with working together because they keep fighting of who's going to be the girl. Somehow, Kim had "persuaded" Kai of being the girl one. Then lastly, the third round. They have to make their own song and own choreography. Who will win? Kai or Kim.

Kim's gonna win by the way. So since she won. Kai has been hating her ever since. He's planning on getting "revenge". But where and how can he find her if he doesn't even know her real name and her real image? (By the way, she dressed up as a boy when she joined the contest and goes by the name of K.A.P when she joins a contest or something. K.A.P are her initials)

2nd meeting:
She finds out about Kai is actually one of the playboys at school. She tries her best to avoid him. Bumps into Junhyung. Junhyung introduces her to EXO (Who he became friends with). EXO invites her to sit with them in lunch, she hesitates at first but got persuaded because of Junhyung. At lunch, she suddenly sees Kai and starts hiding from him. EXO tells Kai about Kim and says that they have something in common (dancing). Kai looks at her and tilted his head when he heard about Kim, making him look innocent. After a few days, EXO and Kim became a lot closer(Except for Kai, they're still awkward), but she became closer to Lu Han, though. One day, EXO comes to her apartment to give her a surprise. Kai comes in her room and sees the clothes that she wore in the dance contest and also the prizes. Being the clueless Kai, it took him a few days to finally find out that it was actually her. And~ the war begins~


But isn't their first meeting already a conflict? o.o (I am so clueless)

Second Love interest:  Luhan
Birthdate: April | 20 | 1990
Age: ...22?
The same like Kai's (Too lazy to think up of something)

How do you act around each other:  
The same like Kai's (Too lazy to think up of something)

How do you meet:
The same like Kai's (Too lazy to think up of something)



Your Ex:  -none-

Touch up
Any scene request: 
Kai and Kim bickering of who's older since they have the same birthday (That's why I made Kim's birthday the same as Kai, I want them to bicker! xP)
Can I just tell PM you because I can't think of ANY scenes right now. Because I'm worrying about my homeworks. 

Extra: If you noticed Kim's birthday, and her blood type and all that. She and Kai's are actually the same. So if you pick Luhan, then Her birthdate changes to Luhan's birthdate and also the things that are the same. (I seriously don't know if you get what I meant)
Comment:If you want more photos of Jaehyun, Jinyoung and Junhyung (Lol, did you notice? all of them has J! xD) Click the images.
Password: Girl, I can't explain what I feel~
━━L    i   s    t       

Taken as : Love interest, Second Love interestSibling, Friend/Best Friend, Rival

Love Interest:

Exo K

Suho| Baekhyun|Chanyeol|D.O|Kai|Sehun

Exo M

Jinyoung| CNU| Sandeul|Baro|Gongchan
Seungho| G.O|Leejoon|Thunder|MIR
Super Junior
Leeteuk|Heechul|Shindong|Kangin|Yesung|Ryeowook|Sungmin|Eunhyuk|Donghae|Siwon|Kibum| Kyuhyun|Zhoumi|Henry|Hangeng

Miss A




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I like how detail you are being in your form. That's good but there is a mistake in them~ This is an Exo story but they are not idols^^
Just change the meeting part into something a little different. The rest are fine^^