100 male kpop idols, 50 couple names

100 names of Male Kpop idols thrown into a bucket, two and a half hours, three people, 99 sticky notes, missing #38, and one rigged pull.

Here are our random couple names


  1. G-Ri (Seungri and G.D. of Big Bang) Totally random, even if its a real pairing
  2. Junmin (Xiah Junsu of JYJ and Minwoo of TRAX)
  3. Shinbum (Shindong and Kibum both of Super Junior)
  4. Dongbum (Donghyun of Boyfriend and Jay Park)
  5. Jili (Jiho of block b and Eli of U-kiss)
  6. Soomi (Zhou mi of Super Junior-M and Soohyun of U-KISS)
  7. Hoonmin (Sungmin of Super Junior and Hoon of U-KISS)
  8. Byunghae (G.O of MBLAQ and Donghae of Super Junior)
  9. Cheungwoo (Thunder of MBLAQ and Dongwoo of infinite)
  10. Sihyun (Jonghyun of SHINee and Siwon of Super Junior)
  11. Daebae (Taeyang and Daesung of of Big Bang)
  12. Joosung (Brian Joo and Yesung of Super Junior)
  13. Hyukin (Kangin of Super Junior and Minhyuk of Block B)
  14. Hoho (Yunho of Homin DBSK and Minho of SHINee) We freaked out, but we were sad it wasn't Yunho and Junho (Xiah Junsu's brother is the one we care for)
  15. Henseop (Henry of Super Junior-M and Kiseop of U-KISS)
  16. Chunro (Chunji of Teen Topand Baro of b1a4)
  17. Kibin (Hongki of F.T. Island and Hyun Bin)
  18. MinJun (Junsu of 2pm and C.A.P or Minsoo of teen top)
  19. Jungho (Seungho of Mblaq and Jungmin of boyfriend)
  20. Kevjin (Jinwoon of 2am and Kevin of U-KISS)
  21. Yejoon (Yeseob of  BEAST and Joon of MBLAQ)
  22. Dongjo (Dongho of U-KISS and Changjo of Teen Top)
  23. Yoobum (Yoochun of JYJ and u-kiss's Kibum)
  24. Youngxander (Youngmin of boyfriend and Alexander of u-kiss)
  25. Mirkyu (Mir of mblaq and Kyuhyun of Super Junior)
  26. Jayteuk (Leeteuk of super junior and trax jay)
  27. Changchang Minmin (Changmins of 2am and dbsk) the best random pull ever!!!!!
  28. Taecwoo (Taecyeon of 2PM and Minwoo of boyfriend)
  29. JaeHee (Jaejoong of JYJ and Heechul of Super Junior) (fixed because I have two male gerbils named Jaejoong and Heechul, right now they are fighting with each other like divas)
  30. Keyoung (Key from SHINee and Jinyoung from b1a4)
  31. Junyu (Junhyung of beast and Yukwon of block b)
  32. Hyunwook (Ryeowook of Super Junior and Donghyun of boyfriend)
  33. Dooj (A.J. pf U-KISS and Doojoon of BEAST)
  34. L.Woo (L.Joe of TEEN TOP and Wooyoung of 2PM)
  35. Hyukhyun (Eunhyuk of Super Junior and Woohyun of infinite)
  36. Sunghkun (Sungyul of infinite and Nuckhkun of 2PM)
  37. Handubu (Onew of SHINee and Han Geng of Super Junior- supposed to be Hanchul though)
  38. Kwangya (Hoya of Infinite and Kwangmin of boyfriend)
  39. Taelong (Seulong of 2am and Taemin of SHINee)
  40. Jun-Chan (Chansung and Junho of 2pm)
  41. Kwonwook (Jo Kwon of 2AM and Dongwook of Beast)
  42. Shinjong (Sungjong of infinite and Shinwoo of b1a4)
  43. Seungwoo (TOP of Big Bang and Jungwoo of trax)
  44. Kyungniel (Kyung of block b and Niel of Teen Top)
  45. Sung-chan (Sungkyu of infnite and Gongchan of b1a4)
  46. Jung-Deul (Jungmo of trax and Sandeul of b1a4)
  47. Jaeseung (Jaehyo of block b and Hyunseung of beast)
  48. Myungwang (L of Infinite and Kikwang of Beast)
  49. 2hyun (Hyunsung of boyfriend and Woohyun of infinite)
  50. Jicky (Jino of Sm the Ballad and Ricky of teen top) Ricky had been forever alone until we added in Jino. Maria wrote down 99 names (skipped #38 and I missed a number. Had 100 sticky notes, wrote 1-100, had 1 left. Messed up somehow. Added Jino off the top of my head)

Total of three hours wasted 


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These are awesome
Kris-C25 #2
:] lol
LOL i have no idea why i am reading this!
Ahahaha, that's funny, because if either pairing had randomly come up we definitely would have put them back and drawn again. Ship neither of them, kind of dislike them.
but otherwise i love it!!!!!!!
frangible #6
Hahaha! Jili?
Sound like chili xD
AHAHAHA.<br />
HOHO... OMFG.<br />
I definitely cracked up with that one...<br />
but oh god... Yunho and Minho?<br />
I mean you could've made it 2Ho.. lol...<br />
but... whose topping then? :DDDD
So many names!<br />
<br />
This is so funny!
[deactivated] #11
that is so many names<br />
OMG GO/ Donghae never thought of that<br />
LOL --> HOHO<br />
MOTHERF**KER!!! Changmin and Changmin LOL, my two biases... I wish these two will have a collab :)