Absolute Chanyeol || Be Human

Oh god.
I honestly didn't want to read "Absolute Chanyeol" because everyone was talking about it.

Then a friend of mine send me the link and said "It's like that Manga 'Absolute Boyfriend'!! You have to read it!!"
To be honest, after hearing it's like that manga I didn't even wanted to open the link.
I watched & read "Absolute Boyfriend" and leaked so much that I promised myself to never read or watch it again...

And now...I read "Absolute Chanyeol" and I leaked even more. TT_____TT

Best. Story. Ever.

Your argument is INVALID!!

And then, I read "Be Human"....right after "Absolute Chanyeol"

Worst descision ever but I regret nothing!!
I'm still leaking.

The last passage just killed me.

"Later, when Jondgae pulls Kris out of the charging tube in the lab, he’s surprised at the trails of wetness leading down Kris’ face.

He didn’t think robots could cry."


As I read this I just couldn't stop my tears anymore....





gonna re-read both stories now!


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I keep hearing about this story but can't find it online.... pls pls pls tell me where I can read it!!
Kawaii_Bunny #2
why I can't find the story? did they private ir something?
Do you have the saved fic as doc? If yes, would you please send it to me? I mean no harm. I just want to read that fic because I dont get the chance to read it. I already read Absolute Chanyeol n now I want to read Be Human so bad...
falonstarrider #4
Totally agree with you. Leadernim is clearly a genius ★