art 2 anticipation

so I talked to our school art teacher today about skipping ahead to art 2 and she said its possible, but that she has certain requirements. first, I have to submit several sketches from life, art with different mediums, and that I need to demonstrate a firm grasp of the basics of art, which she teaches in art 1. I have until July to do so, which is when our schedules are due. I'm happy that I have a chance to be in art, since it's something that I love, but not so much with the whole drawing from life part. i find observation drawings extremely tedious, and am not particularly good at them. :/ but, I am super excited to use different mediums. I have been dying to have a good reason for my dad (also an art teacher, but different school) to teach me how to use the pottery wheel. also, I adore charcoal, so I'll have a chance for that and also a chance to experiment with oil and chalk pastels. i now have a legitimate reason to blow off chores and other responsibilities just to make art. :D I'm super excited!
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