Last week, TS Entertainment just opened the official Facebook page for B.A.P’s bunny mascot, ‘Matoki’. Matoki’s Facebook page contain pictures of Matokies that looks like a comic series, titled ‘Matoki Earthventure’.
After introducing Bang Yong Guk’s bunny, ‘Shishimato’, 

Matoki’s Facebook page now reveals the second bunny. It is Himchan’s bunny, named ‘Tatsmato’.
Check out Tatsmato’s introducing clip below!


Who’s bunny will be revealed next?? ^^
I think its jong up! the green bunny one!!
and there's some kind a comic version of matoki earthventure! you have so see that! is kinnda cute XD its in Matoki official facebook. here is the link!

I just goona transform into matoki now. my mato name is >>>>> Elimato!! 
gonna make the picture :p


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inkspill #1
going to this site *clickey!*
digitalvoice #2
ooh so you're one of B.A.P. fans misya ? wkwk
_byyourside #3