Changmin to Seohyun


"Seohyun-ah, you must quickly find a boyfriend. Meet more guys so that you'll be more familiar and try hard to avoid being confused when you grow up and fall in love with the very unique men.... like Heechul hyung."
cr: @panpan0729


*Who he was trying to hint to?* LOL




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widyanisusi #1
lol changseo
LOL..ur all so funny and cute
Eycha_sk11 #3
gosh, this talk show made me love minseo/changseo moreeeeeee !!!! <3
agree with @sioentbunny11 and @YoonYulsnsd !!!
I agree with @silentbunny11. I ship her with Kris too <3 <3
Let's wait for SMTown this month, hope there will be a lot of moment. So many guys from EXO, I wonder how Kyu would 'protect' his girl. It's already hard to keep away one person *coughChangmincough* from Seohyun, and now there's more to come. Hahaha *evil laugh*
the men i actually ship with Seohyun: KYUHYUN, Jonghyun (CNBlue), Kris, and now CHANGMIN <3 they looked cute together! and their moments were just precious!~~~
And I do think, Seo mentioned Changmin as her number 3 Oppa just to annoy Kyu. Revenge for that radio call where he didn't mention her as bestfriend. Ha! Revenge is sweet. LOL!
Changmin's Album Thanks to: "The always polite, pure, and sweet Seo Joohyun."
I do think he has a soft spot for her.
It's really funny! He's talking about himself n his bestfriend right? Heechul is just distraction :)) And Changmin's expression when she said that he's number 3 on her list of men in SM is superb! ChangSeo rock! But, poor Kyu :(

Check out this video dear!!!! Woot. I think Changmin really has some feeling for her. You can always see her with nervous face. And in the whole video, he always looked happy, giddy when he watched seobaby:);feature=youtube_gdata_player
FolderName #10
she looks good with everyone because of her nature but SeoKyu is always on the top LoL Minnie ~~ you troll
Haebby13 #11
i think Seo looks good with Changmin. :)
but Donghae, I don't think soo. ^^
Well since heechul is always known for his wit, then the next in-line can only be our dearest kyuhyun right? Xp
@iheartcandiii: thousand thumbs up for your comment!! XD
lol why does he have to mention Heechul XD
Maybe it would be better if you said like "unique my bestfriend." HAHAHAHAHAHA SUCH A DELUSIONAL WIRE HERE. ♥
@YoonYulsnsd, can't help it, right? She so cute.
I actually thought would be funny if he hinted himself. LOL, the king of troll.
What would happen in a kyuline gathering now?
*plotting fics*
And yes, you can blog my DP, spread the euphoria, chingu!
YoonYulsnsd #15
I'll stop...sorry XD(but I think she'll look good with Jonghyun or Onew haha)