Out of This World (ChangSeoKyu)

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There was a reason why Kyuhyun was chosen as the leader of the pack.

Indeed, he was evil and witty.

But he was also kindhearted and sincere.

He knew how to handle people and calm himself down when anger enveloped him.

As the result of being the youngest from all the brothers.

That’s why he and Changmin were inseparable once they met.

Both were maknaes, both were struggling for identity and freedom.

Nothing and no one could interfere and more matter that each other.

Although most of the times, it was Kyuhyun who retreated .

Because Changmin was a kind and soft hearted person.

He tended to take things more seriously and bleed more deeply.

So their brotherhood was solid.

Or that what they thought so.

Until she walked into their lives.


Turned upside down their equation and their strings of hearts.

Because she was unbelievable thoughtful and beautiful.

So it was no wonder that Changmin was infatuated with her, and so did Kyuhyun.

But who would not?

She  was every good things that sometimes it hard to think that she was even came from this world.

If they were five, Kyuhyun would believe that she was an angel who lost her wings and fell from the sky.

But since they were twenty-five, Kyuhyun knew that she was just a simple girl whose smiles brought happiness to all her surroundings.

And because of that, for just one time, Kyuhyun did not want to retreat.

And he would fight for her even if it may hurt Changmin.

Because he knew, that no one would want her more than him.

Although Kyuhyun would also not mind, if Changmin wanted to join them too, as long as he could claimed a big chunk of  Joohyun’s wonderful heart.

Since the moment Kyuhyun’s eyes met Joohyun’s, the world was spinning fast.

Everything was vanished and left him with her, out of this world.



Note: Inspired by a blog of @glamzchic unnie when Changmin and Seohyun did interviews together  but it can happened in any of my fics that has ChangSeoKyu in it, or even in their IRL.


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