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Time started: 11:11 (Woah. LOL)



: Female.


Birthday: Oct 7


Siblings: Younger sis & bro /le oldest


Eye color: Dark brown.


Shoe size: Duno LOL.


Height: 159m. jaykay. ;3;


What are you wearing: Banana leaves. Wattya think smarty? LOL.


Where do you live: Singaporeee~


Righty or lefty: RIghty.


Who are your closest friends: Psh no one. Im FA. /Wanjung <3


Best place for a date?: Movies bt I've always dreamd abt gng concerts with the guy I like ~


Where is your fav place to shop: Errr... KFC count? /bricked


Favorite kind of plant: Sunflower <3


Fave Color(s): Blue /cough cough Suju/ White, Black. Yellow.


Fave Number: 7, 15, 13


Fave Boys Name: Xavier


Fave Girls Name: Jadyn (wish this was my name .___.)


Fave Sport: Cycling


Fave Month: It wld b November, bt I wan May to hurry its up. LOL.


Movies: Transformers (dun judge me k.) Alot.


Juice: Mango wif nata de co co <3


Finger: index


Breakfast food: Nasi Lemak <333


Favorite cartoon character: SPONGEBOB FO SHO.


Given anyone a bath: Not that I remember LOL


Smoked: Ew.


Made yourself throw-up: I tryd once. I ended up luffing (was tickling my throat OTL)


Gone skinny dipping: Nah.


Eaten a dog: Why the hell would I eat a dog when I could eat a chicken. Geez.


Put your tongue on a frozen pole?:.... NEVER DO IT. NEVER.


Loved someone so much it made you cry?: Oh yea. (N Im not jus tokin abt ppl who noe me ._.)


Broken a bone?: Tailbone (fractured it .-.)


Played truth or dare: Duh


Been in a physical fight: Im a good kid kay. ... Yes I hav OTL


Been in a police car: Nope.


Been on a plane: Noooo I swam to America.


Come close to dying: Almost got hit by a car. Not jus once either.


Been in a sauna: Yea


Been in a hot tub: Yea


Cried when someone died: No one died yet. No one die pls. LOL.


Cried in school: Yea


Fell off your chair: No. I think.


Wait for someone's phone call all night: No.


Saved AIM/Yahoo conversations: Yea


Saved e-mails: Lazy to del actually LOL.


Fallen for one of your best friends: Well. Yea.


Made out with JUST a friend?: LOL.


Used someone: Hah.




What is ...


What's your good luck charm? It USED to b this Doraemon keychain I had. Then it ran away. .___.


Best song you ever heard: Its You. Forever and always, I never get sick of it <3


What's your bedroom like: Messy.


Last thing you said: Ow. LOL.


What is beside you? My seal doll <3 (wat. I love sealsxD)


Last thing you ate: Apples


What kind of shampoo do you use?: Follow Me. LOLOL.


Best thing that has happened to you this year: I duno o-o


Worst thing that has happened to you this year: I duno either LOL.




Have you had ...


Chicken pox: No /facepalm


Sore Throat: Duh.


Stitches: NO.


Broken nose: LOL no.




Do You.


Believe in love at first sight: No.


Like school: lol. Lol. LOl. LOL.


What schools have you gone to: No point telling you guys, you wouldnt know LOL. Xinmin primary owo


Eat a live hamster for $1,000,000. dollars: ew. I wont even if its dead.


If you were stuck on an island, what people would you want with you: The whole of SJ please. Minus Hyukjae, coz he'll eat all the food 3


Who was the last person that called you: Menchie


Who was the last person you slow danced with: Nv danced in my life. LOL.


What makes you laugh the most?: Oh you know. Stuff.


What makes you smile? Life.




Last Person ...


You yelled at: Forgot O_O


Who broke your heart: ._.


Told you that they love you: Wanjung. Dumb bish. LOL.


Is your loudest friend: This SNSD insane woman.




Do You/Are You:


Do you like filling these out? Kinda? Im cool like that 8D


Do you wear contacts or glasses: Glasses. I totally need to get contacts.


Do you like yourself: Yep. ^w^


Do you get along with your family: Kays.


Stolen anything over $50: Nah.


Obsessive Compulsive?: Ah...?


Anorexic?: Nah. I love food too much ;u;


Suicidal? Nah. I treasure my life 8D





Final questions:


What are you listening to right now? Super Junior - Opera short ver (<3333)


What did you do yesterday: Wake up.


Have you hated someone in your family: Yeah.


Got any awards: YES. WHEN I WAS 8. HAH.


What car do you wish to have: One that moves.


Where do you want to get married: Restaurant. And no crappy wedding songs like 'here comes the bride' or 'wow what a wedding cake' instead the song would be Marry U by Suju. I'll make sure of that. :3 <3


If you could change anything about yourself, what would you change?: My face fats 3


Good driver: No. I crash all the tym. Playstation.


Good Singer: /flips hair/


Have a lava lamp: No


How many remote controls are in your house: 7


Are you double jointed: Nah.


What do you dream about: What not who? 3 Food.


Last time you showered: Around 7


Last time you took a bath: Isnt that the same. LOL.


Scary or happy movies: Both owo /sadist


Chocolate or white chocolate: White chocolate. 


Root Beer or Dr.Pepper: Root beer


Mud or Jell-O wrestling: Ew whrs water?


Vanilla or chocolate: Vanilla.


Summer or winter: Both are amazing. <3


Silver or Gold: Silver OwwwwO HYUKJAEEEEEEE.


Diamond or pearl: Diamond


Sunset or Sunrise: Sunset.


Sprite or 7up: Sprite. ... I rlly dont noe the dif. LOL.


Cats or dogs: Same same


Coffee or tea: Ew.


Phone or in person: In person~


Indoor or outdoor: Indoor LOL.



End Time: 11:36

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