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Start from last week, with episode 6, it ended when Ga Young was trying to take some fabrics home, asked by Young Gul before she went to work at Jae Hyuk's J.Fashion. Ga Young was attempting to reach a roll up high but unfortunately, she fell, right on Jae Hyuk's arms. Note that Jae Hyuk was looking for her when it was time to go home.




Due to a surprise fall on his hand, Jae Hyuk reacted by asking why was Ga Young doing here in the storage when it was already time to do home. Shocking, Ga Young simply replied because she needed sample fabrics. Note that Jae Hyuk once said that if she needed fabrics, just get some. Jae Hyuk then added that he did mentioned too that if she needed them, just told Mr. Kim and Ga Young answered that he gone home. Having nothing else to say, they both left.




On his way, Jae Hyuk met Ga Young waiting for the bus and offered a ride, back to her factory. During the ride, he asked how was she doing, did Anna helped her much and she nodded. Also, Jae Hyuk returned the little purse that she left behind in his car (when she rode home during the rainy day). Ga Young secretly giggled and Jae Hyuk seem happy about it too.



On the other side, Anna visited Young Gul, to asked him about Ga Young, as she knew that he sent Ga Young to J.Fashion with some kind of plan ahead. Young Gul greeted her and Anna began by just asking some simple questions. Anna asked "what is your relationship with Ga Young" and more about whether she stayed in the same place he was too.  She went deeper and said told Young Gul to take Ga Young back. In return, she would paied him by just gving her his account numbers. 

Anna added that Young Gul shouldn't be involving in her life and Young Gul replied by asking why was she messing up his life. He was selling Ga Young and she knew it!


Anna stood up and walked out but Young Gul stopped her and said "Are you afraid that Jae Hyuk might break up with you" then hugged her. He added "Answer me honestly, did you come here because you missed me?" but Anna said he was crazy. He became emotional and forced a kiss on her. Anna struggled with it and ended up slapping him. 


Young Gul stopped Anna again and said if she wanted to know his past, just said so!

Outside, she met Jae Hyuk was giving Ga Young a ride home, suspecting by his happy expression. When Ga Young thanked Jae Hyuk and walked inside, Young Gul expressed his jerk face. 


Jae Hyuk was mad about why Anna paid Young Gul a visit and asked her what happened. Anna refused to answer and just said to meet him at work tomorrow. She got into her car and drove off.


Inside the factory, Young Gul said why was Ga Young bringing all those stuff. She said that he told her to bring some home for him. He said that even though he asked, do she had to do. Ga Young was angry a bit. She walked straight into his office, and yelled that if he didn't want them anymore, then she'll bring them back tomorrow.


In the gym, Anna thought about what Young Gul said earlier.


Next morning, Jae Hyuk went by Anna's office and thought about coming in. Anna said why was he doing here and he asked her what did she want him to do about Ga Young. Just because of her, he couldn't let her meet a hobo like Young Gul. Anna added 'Aren't you jealous' and he replied simple 'I don't have time to feel jealous'

The last thing he said was 'I want to make sure you know how to behave, as my woman! Let have lunch together later" as he walked out.

12.png 13.png

 Ga Young returned to the company, with the fabrics she took last night with her to return. However, the tried to get in with he ID card, and the machine denied her identity. Later, the yellow headed guy walked up and saw her, leading her into Jae Hyuk's room. Up in Jae Hyuk's room, the three talked about some work-related things.

After the yellow headed guy left, Jae Hyuk asked why didn't Ga Young went to Mr. Kim and told to him to put the fabrics back. And when will all those designs finished. 10 more days was what Ga Young answered but he rushed her to finish it early by adding some helpers.


Ga Young dropped her bag and Jae Hyuk said why did she have to stay and work under Young Gul when he treated her poorly. He assumed that she got feeling for Young Gul, that was why she stayed with him but Ga Young explained that if he was her, would he leave someone who helped her so much, giving her money to go to New York, let her stay in the factory, and do all those things? Young Gul's past was just like her, with no where togo, with no families, and that was her reason.


After the talk with Jae Hyuk, Ga Young went to where she worked. She met Anna! Anna asked why was she walking in and out Jae Hyuk's like that. Just do whatever she was good at. If she loved to sew, then sew, then Anna could take over the job for her.


During lunch hour, Ga Young got a call from Jae Hyuk, to eat lunch with her. Anna on the other side, came to Jae Hyuk's office, since he asked her earlier to eat lunch with him. Strangely, she found out that he went with Ga Young and followed to where Ga Young and him were eating at. 


At lunch, Jae Hyuk suggested Ga Young to went over to another place and work there, after finishing at his place, since the paying and everything were all perfect. Ga Young seem like she didn't want to, because she wanted to grow Young Young Apparel like that too.  Jae Hyuk got mad. Young Young Apparel was where Young Gul directed. He said why didn't she accepted his good intention now, unlike when the time she needed help, just go and begged him with her pride thrown away. He angrily stepped out, without noticing Anna was listening.




At home, Young Gul been stealing Ga Young design. Ga Young advised him to do it, because Jae Hyuk paied all the money. But Young Gul, of course didn't listen and continued on, with his own plan.

Note: Since Young Gul was stealing Ga Young's design in some part of this episode, I won't be recaping those parts when he was stealing it.



The Fashion Show, with Ga Young's designs but under Anna's name.



After the show, the yellow headed guy came to congratulate Anna for doing such a wonderful job on those designs. However, he sensed or knew in his mind that those designs weren't her designs at all, but someone else'.


A little later, Jae Hyuk came to take Anna to his home, because his father wanted to have dinner together with her. While eating, Jae Hyuk's father encouraged Anna to have another collection that would be the best as today's. Jae Hyuk, sitting beside her, was like having thoughts about those designs weren't Anna's and somehow (I think he was) worry about the next collection.

Also, Jae Hyuk's mother brought up about his relationship with Ga Young, referring about his weird taste about poor girls.
Jae Hyuk went out for some alcohol, while trying to call Ga Young, which she never picked up, was like avoiding him.
Young Gul went to meet Anna. During their talk, Anna opened by saying that the collection Ga Young designed went great today. Everyone thought she did it, while she had no credits at all. "It will not be something that will happen and end today, but if it happened, then Jae Hyuk will continue to go and look for Ga Young" Because of that, Anna suggested that Ga Young should work with Jae Hyulk, while she work with him.
"Do you want to challenge Jae Hyuk" she added. Young Gul denied that Anna suggested so she stood up, saying that if that so, then she had no reasons to meet him anymore, ready to leave. But Young Gul grabbed her and said that couldn't they just met normal and not mention anything about Jae Hyuk at all. Anna answered that her dream was Jae Hyuk, so Young Gul shouldn't even think about it.
Drunken Jae Hyuk went to find Ga Young. After constant knocking and banging on the door, Jae Hyuk just opened the door and went straight in. Ga Young hurriedly covered all the designs that Young Gul been stoling so Jae Hyuk wouldn't notice what Young Gul been up to. 
Jae Hyuk said that his father liked the collection she made and slept on her bed. Ga Young tried to wake him up with he sudden grabbed her and kissed, creating a love tangle for the drama.
 Young Gul, got home from meeting Anna, saw it and hit Jae Hyuk badly. Ga Young saw it and helped Jae Hyuk up, while Jae Hyuk's assitant stopped Young Gul from beating the guy.
(If Jae Hyuk was like this, then I think Anna should better broke up with a cheater like him!!!)
Waking up in the morning, Jae Hyuk decided that he couldn't go to work, with his bruised face. He called to give the news, but found out that the designs (Ga Young's designs) were all over the market before he did, which Young Gul did it.
Young Gul received a call from Jae Hyuk to come and meet him, due to his discovery that Young Gul been selling his design (Ga Young's) out on public. On his way there, Young Gul met Anna inside the elevator. 
Suddenly, Young Gul pushed Anna on the side and said if they were already in the position like this, why don't they kiss. Anna yelled at him and struggled to get out, but then the elevator's door opened the yelled headed guy spotted them. Even though the two got out right away, the yellow headed guy and some other staffs did saw something.
Jae Hyuk was waiting for Young Gul. After they settled down on the couch, Young Gul started by saying why did Jae Hyuk asked such a  busy person like him to come. Jae Hyuk ignored and said that Young Gul didn't know what copyright was, and just took his designs like that and sold them, right on the market. He added more that Young Gul might have to go to jail for that!
Young Gul smirked and said that he went to jail once, so for the second time is nothing big at all. And especially since he was a friend of the prison officer. Young Gul also complimented himself by saying that he was an expert in imitating brands. "Aren't you going to sue me?" he said and Jae Hyuk answered "Do you even have money to hire a lawyer?"
Due to the anger, Jae Hyuk asked what would Young Gul get for doing all this to him. Young Gul simply replied "At least I can f*** you" (sorry for bad language) resulting a laugh from Jae Hyuk. What made Jae Hyuk more shock was that Young Gul said that he had the registered design. Jae Hyuk grabbed Young Gul collar, wanted to punch such a jerk like him but he didn't.  
"Whenever you guys do something, you guys always win, and it is very annoying to people like us" Young Gul said, meaning that Jae Hyuk's company was big so their chance of success was always for sure, unlike for small place like his, it was harder. "But it will be a bonus to see you, and Anna ruined" Young Gul jerked. 
Jae Hyuk asked for the final time "What is it that you want?". Young Gul just placed an envelop on the table and said "We already started work in the factory abroad, you can waste 5 millions and send me to jail, or you can invest that 5 millions to me, and earn 50 millions." 
And that was it, ended Episode 7!!
My Comment: This episode is really a jerk episode, with two guys are such jerks. First was Young Gul jerking around with Ga Young's designs and messing around, second, Jae Hyuk cheated on Anna with another girl, which is Ga Young. I don't really know what is the director thinking. Anna always getting hurt and sad, making her character looks like a mean one! I wonder what will happen next, and I'm, and I mean right now, I'm angry at Jae Hyuk dude, why don't he just broke up with Anna and then do whatever he wants to Ga Young. On another side, he acts cold to Anna, and on the other, he was all nice and helps Ga Young. It is giving me such a headache >.<
If you have any questions, just comment. Forgive any grammar, spelling, typing errors of mine, since I took 2 hours doing this in a rush ^_^
Anna, hwaiting! Hope that you'll find yourself a true man!! Why don't they just add another man in here already, for SONEs' sakes, to see Anna being happy, smiling and enjoy her life :D


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And I just finished episode 8 too, and I'm even more confused than ever about this love tangle.
But I think Young Gul began to like Ga Young, and so does Jae Hyuk. But somehow, he was trying his best to love Anna. Jae Hyuk is like having a 2-sided heart or something ^_^
Yulhoe #2
I hope what Yonggul did right now is just for ruining Jaehyuk's life instead of Anna's.
And I think SSK's fans wouldn't mad at Yuri right now since she got a kiss scene.
Is there any exceptional case where the main leads end up with the second leads? Haha...
SoShiYul #4
you're so cool!!
Thank you alot :)
And Anna should be happy, I want her to be happy, not like being with a boyfriend who cheated on her like Jae Hyuk >.<