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there was a rehearsal before the real opening, it felt like yonghwa was especially nervous today at the rehearsal, even there was no MC part, he kept walking up and down at the MC stage, and moved with the music, never stood still. as a result, there was a section where he has a part for, he was so nervous that he forgot and thinking of walking out the camera screen, in the end, it was hyun who patted his back and asked him to come back. yonghwa, actually, you don't have to be so nervous, hyun was doing very well and natural. hehehehe

[fan account livvy菲菲YS weibo] today's live is like this, while cn's pre-recording broadcasted, they actually came out to the stage, after they came out, yonghwa left the MC area and stood up too, but at this time, is where hyun was the most excited, singing along, waving and giving support. yonghwa stood at the stage for a while, mh signaled yonghwa to go, wanting him quickly go back to MC area. after yong came back, hyun stood beside him, also kept singing hey you.



Complete details:
fanaccount for fansign: yonghwa is actually the 3rd person in line, i was flustered and didn't know what to say, i put two plastic bags of present and a phote frame on the table,he didn't see the note but saw the frame and his lips (not sure how to translate this), he looked at me straight in the eye, omg that sort of sincerity is so jjang, i was stammering and said to him "please take care of seohyun", he replied "yes i will" in a serious tone, shook hands and autograph, i feel like crying.

OMO!! ♥


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its totally awesomee ahhhh ~~~ i miss themmm :'(((( T^T
They're like the cutest ever.. when I first saw this, this morning I was like IT'S YONGSEO! OMG!
esgfnk;lkdhjlk;daj;dlajadfhl;djfhldfjhf; *keyboard smashes it to smitherins* LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS

YongSeo is real <3
Eycha_sk11 #4
Omo !? Its true ?! U met yonghwa ?! He really said like tht ?!!
awwww. <3
I just miss watching them in WGM