why do i bother.


honestly why do i bother being nice to people who ghost on kkt. when i unfriend people who ghost and then leave a little thank you note... why is it ever necessary to block?? it wasn't even a romantic thing??? neways. being blocked after saying thank you and goodbye AFTER being ghosted for 4 months certainly wasn't on my 2023 bingo card but here we are. and then the others i parted ways with for the same reason just gave radio silence...which is not necessarily better. i genuinely wonder if they're too ashamed to reply after so long or if they're just thick skinned lol. at least now i know not to fall for these "friendship" ads cause some of these people really overrate themselves. 9 times out of 10 they'd put something like "don't even bother adding me if you ghost" then proceed to ghost you mid-convo like...in the middle of just asking about their day. bonkers. i'm starting to think these "friendship" 1x1 ads are just bait to have rp relationships. sheesh.

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