2 chainz. 1 for u and 1 for me (they are two halves of a BFF heart) | lf: friends (mdni)


( dont know why I expected 2 chainz to be a taken username on asian fanfics dot com but i am excited about getting it, regardless. be excited with me too plz) aff stop moving it into blogs this is a story. a fanfiction. me x reader. 


if you're not in the 19-22 age range, i'm sorry, but you did not make the cut 3

UMM so basically i'm a bored and mentally ill uni student just looking for other semi-unemployed losers to spend time with since studying is driving me insane and i can't sleep even though i desperately need the rest :P

i like hb sessions and watching literally anything... i'm into anime, i'm into kdrama, jdrama, cdrama, UR drama, telenovelas (like let's srsly watch rebelde), i like horror, action, thriller, any genre you like tbh but i do draw the line at hallmark Christian romance so PLEASE do not try and put on some w 2 white people and an overarching theme of finding christ or really just anything with too many yt people in it (no offense to yt aff users) 

i am sadly still a laptop ga(y)mer so i can't play heavy without feeling like i'm at risk of being an explosion victim but i do enjoy valorant, ovw, mc, really any multipllayer game that you have tbh. i'll fold and dl anything if my fomo is strong enough.

bonus points if you'll carry on any game because i'm uncoordinated and lost my glasses 6 years ago and am too embarrassed to admit that i've let myself suffer this long to a new optometrist and cant aim and am easily scared by any game with a dark atmosphere like phasmo and project zomboid have nearly made me myself like 30 times.. (like, i wish i was lying but im not)

besides that ! uhh tbh if we hit it off i'll get into anything you're into because i'm a sponge like that and i genuinely enjoy picking up new hobbies and interests

i'm a minus but i have a really bad sleep sched? not looking for any romance since i got scouted during cuffing pre szn (trying to make a football ref even though i don't know anything about it i'm sorry, basically i'm in a rs and happy and not looking to be homewrecked) and i'm also not really into rp or fl anymore but aff is easy to find people on so here i am :] 

ok now i feel like the two of us (me and you, y/n) are drowning in text so i'll leave it here, that way we have things to talk about later if you end up pming me your dc tag!

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