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┈ delete all notes and guidelines (including this) before submitting
┈ if you have any questions regarding the plot or any section of the application, don't hesitate to dm me :)
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#supreme's hana is plotline's counterpart
nice to meet you! 
birthname characters are highly appreciated
┈ nickname explanation (this section is scrollable, so feel free to add as much as you want!)
birthday date month year (age range is 1997-2003)
birthplace here
ethnicity (heritage and ancestry, ex: korean, chinese)
pronouns here
orientation here 
where u been?
hometown here
nationality (legal identity/the passport that they are holding)
┈ language level of fluency and explanation how they learned to speak the language (scrollable, because you can put as much as you want as long as it makes sense and is reasonable enough.)
faceclaim minji, newjeans
backup here
extras anything different from the faceclaim? a birthmark? beauty mark? a tattoo?
can be a list of likes, dislikes, or even just catalogue of interesting information regarding your character, scrollable so you can put AS MANY AS YOU'D LIKE.
make no apologies for your personality
personality traits here (you can add their zodiac sign, personality type, alignment, hogwarts house, etc.)
elaboration here
a little bit of history
background anything from their birth, childhood up until they became a trainee.
these sunshines of life
relationships highly appreciated if you can include her relationship with her members.
wildly, insanely, infinitely
name please put their group in parenthesis
back-up  please put their group in parenthesis
personality you can just give me traits, i leave the need to add an elaboration to your discretion
meeting how did they meet?
relationship how do they interact?
status what is their current relationship status?
i love you
nothing great ever comes easy
stagename if they don't have one then please delete this section and if they do please provide an explanation 
plotline here
back-up here
talent twins here
entry how did they get into the company? where they scouted? auditioned out of their own volition?
trainee life what year did they officially become a trainee? how was trainee life for them?
one step closer to living the dream
❝please introduce yourself.❞
❝ can you tell us more about your sm station song?❞
❝how do you feel about releasing a single for sm station?❞
❝what kind of music do you listen to and which artists do you look up to?❞
❝do you have any message for the fans anticipating your debut?❞
final thoughts
alias here
activity here
password here
message anything you want to tell me?
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