Ugh to my client...

So here's the thing, over the years I'm not active in aff I learned how to crochet and needle felt. And I decided to earn money from it to help me with my medicine which cost 3500 a week. (Php). So everything is going well, client will message me and place an order, it was made to order btw. So yeah she called and wanted a crochet dress for her baby girl. She wanted a yellow and white combination. I ordered the yarn and started doing it. I was halfway done when she called and told me that she don't want it anymore. Like, wth I crochet the thing for two days. She has to wait two ing days to tell me she doesn't want it.  Not thinking that I spend money on the yarn. 


Guys don't do this kind of stuff. People put effort and money to earn a little. 

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