𝐆𝐋𝐀𝐒𝐒 𝐄𝐍𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐓𝐀𝐈𝐍𝐌𝐄𝐍𝐓 mr.booty be plotting y'all

 glass ent presents... 



now playing... shall we dance


NAME ah hoyang  아호양

STAGE NAME chad  차드

POSITION main dance, sub-vocal (q + jin)

TALENT TWINS kang daniel (dance), ab6ix' woojin (vocal)


BIRTHDATE july 26th, 2001

FACECLAIM p1harmony's keeho



HOMETOWN seoul, south korea


-- an idiot ur honor

-- a leo™

-- the hanja of his name reads 'beautiful vast ocean'

-- tay, probably: "vast ocean of stupidity"

-- the baby of his family, has two older brothers who are choreographers at a dance studio. just followed in brothers and getting into dance.

-- was pretty enough to be scouted at one of his brothers' dance classes.

-- interviewer: "how did you come up with your stage name?"

-- chad: "cuz im an absolute chad imirite-"

-- apollo's tik tok is just him doing stupid tik tok dances or setting something on fire for views

-- no braincells

-- fluent in stan twitter

-- looks good, but then he opens his mouth


LOVE INT chaos bro annie (@rina)



now playing... lemonade


NAME im sejin  임세진

STAGE NAME carter  카터

POSITION lead vocal, rap, dance (kevin + fengfan)

TALENT TWINS younite's eunsang (vocal + dance), stray kids' i.n (rap)


BIRTHDATE july 1st, 2004

FACECLAIM enhypen's sunoo



HOMETOWN seoul, south korea


-- a baby

-- soft, squeeshie, and just an overall cutie

-- very optimisitc, very pure dont leave him with chad for too long

-- was originally a trainee under a small, unknown company that threw him onto produce 101.

-- he wasn't that talented, given his short trainee time, but he quickly became a fan favorite for his enthusiasm and being so darn adorable.

-- was eventually eliminated (replacing justin), but glass ent quickly swiped for him after his elimination.

-- ashlyn's son™

-- ashlyn's number one fanboy, the only one who doesn't suffer consequences when he wears ashlyn merch or sings jbj songs

-- constantly babied, but he loves the attention

-- was adopted uwu


LOVE INT yeom inhye (@haru)



now playing... attention


NAME kazuyuki aiko  和幸 愛子

STAGE NAME aikoko  아이코코

POSITION main rap, lead vocal, lead dance (yena)

TALENT TWIN kep1er's hikaru (overall)


BIRTHDATE september 24th, 2002

FACECLAIM billlie's tsuki

ETHNICITY japanese


HOMETOWN shibuya, tokyo, japan


-- a spoiled princess.

-- her parents said she was going to be a star, so she's gonna be a star.

-- trained at an early age, her parents thought her talents would go to waste if she stayed in japan so they started looking into korean companies.

-- enter glass ent

-- truly an evil mastermind, hides behind her cuteness

-- uses her cuteness to get what she wants, like getting out of chores/doing her homework/etc.

-- certainly the chenle of circe


LOVE INT n/a, open for crushes tho! she's too busy with world domination idol work <3



now playing... blueprint


NAME sol nguyen


POSITION lead vocal (seungmin)

TALENT TWINS tempest's hanbin (vocal), verivery's yeonho (dance)


BIRTHDATE february 20th, 2000

FACECLAIM tempest's hanbin

ETHNICITY vietnamese


HOMETOWN los angeles, california, usa


-- lost in translation™

-- a choir child

-- was wrangled into auditioning with a friend, was *shocked pikachu* when he was accepted and not his friend lol

-- fluent in english and vietnamese, but korean? debatable

-- ends up getting slapped with the pure, innocent image when in actuality his personality is the opposite

-- went from being a normal dude in america to being the next cutest thing in korea

-- he still doesn't understand or know how to feel about it

-- constantly gets flooded with fan gifts at fansigns, pls send help

-- "i just like to sing, how did i become a kpop idol again?"


LOVE INT open! he's pan/demi and wishes to find someone to make his kororo go doki doki that will complete him <3

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