lf: someone to take my friend’s brain out of their head.


grumpy feral kitten for sale? 18+


so a couple things: 1) this ad is not for me but for a friend of mine who needs someone to help them drop into subspace, like, yesterday 2) given the nature it's obviously 18+, so mdni 3) this person is an excellent writer and can be open to writing later but right now they would prefer something casual (ting, chatting, whatever you want to call it) 

about my friend:

1) they/them pronouns. gmt+2. 

2) typically 2d, soobin, or beomgyu pfp 

3) not familiar with fl at all but is willing to give it a go. will play genshin with u tho!

4) into darker, more taboo kinks [ heavily into cnc, mind break, etc. ] 

5) "a grumpy feral kitten being scruffed" in their words. 

6) they're a brat that needs knocked down a few notches from time to time! rn they're a bit softer but. don't let that fool you please they kinda bite. 

what they're looking for:

1) a dom. soft, hard, a mix of the two—really doesn't matter as long as you know what you're doing! gender doesn't matter either. 

2) a friend outside of things, preferably. they love music and writing so feel free to spark up a conversation with them as well! 

3) consistency? if things go well, it would be great to have an ongoing arrangement [ fwb x , anyone? ] 

anyway, if you're interested please leave ur dc! please don't be thrown off by the dryness of this ad; they're truly a wonderful person and although slightly awkward at first they're def a person u want on ur side during an apocalypse. hit them up, plz! thank u. 

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