showing my appreciation ^^

I wanted to give a small message to all the authors whos fics I’m subbed to and comment on and love to read;

Thank you! 💕

I always try to comment and upvote whenever I’m enjoying a story. Sometimes its essays and sometimes its just an “omg!” but regardless I’m always trying to make the effort to engage if I genuinely enjoy the content. In the same way as if I was watching these stories play out on tv as a drama, I’d naturally heckle or make commentary dissecting details in the scene (lol), I like to leave comments under the chapters. Reading with that perspective makes commenting feel natural to me personally.

If you are an author who really values engaged readers and commenters, I hope my efforts show and that you feel the love~ 

When I first joined aff, I used to only comment if I was really impressed or moved by something and that was mainly bc I was shy as hell about saying anything unless I was super compelled to share my thoughts, not sure why exactly lmao but I guess it was daunting since I was way younger? Idk but that changed and I also grew out of being hesitant to add authors I liked as Friends and communicate with you guys directly, which I'm glad about bc I really enjoy keeping up with you guys' updates and being able to talk to you every now and again! Not only authors but fellow readers too, I like seeing your fic recommendations and talking with you guys  ☺️

This is my first blog post bc I saw a lot of you guys recently discussing the state of affairs here on aff so I wanted to just send out a small thank you to show my gratitude. I love love love to read on here and its part of my daily routine to jump on aff and check for updates or new stories bc im highkey obsessed with the enjoyment I get from reading a new chapter or finding a new exo member story to binge 😭 being an exo fic enjoyer is a personality trait at this point 🥲 like that feeling when a new One Piece chapter drops and im like "LETS GOOO"? Its exactly how I feel on here too. lmao

anyways im rambling but thank you again and keep up the great work you awesome authors and fellow readers,lets communicate more in the future too 💕


do you like One Piece?

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