lf: svt members to flirt with


i just want to cuddle and be cuddled


the title speaks for itself- minors pls dni.

i honestly don't know what else to say here aside from the fact that i want to spoil and be spoiled plenty, and what better way than to do this right. i know. i at this but give me a break it's my first time doing this and i'm nervous- 

so first things first;

  • I fc woozi in seventeen so that leaves 12 other members obvs
  • this can be entirely platonic or if you want it can become more than that. whichever you are comfortable with! 
  • expect lots of teasing and flirty remarks
  • i repeat again minors pls dni. 
  • as much as possible this could be on discord but if everyone wishes to use a different platform im fine with it as well!
  • expect maybe gaming, movie nights, idk cute dates


so please send a message of which member you would like to fc along with your dc tag if you're interested >< 


thank u for sparing me some time xoxo

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