lf: subs


lf male or female subs


I'm just gonna cut right to the chase

  • Mun and muse of age, mdni!
  • Au or gen, both is fine but nothing supernatural
  • My muse is male and mainly dom/top, but might bottom for the right dude
  • Lots of kinks, but limits are: , and any type of bodily fluids, , violence, gore and anything along those lines. If something comes up during a plot that I'm not comfortable with, I will pause the thread to let you know and we can discuss how to move along. Please do the same if something makes you uncomfortable.
  • default is script style, but can do para style. always 3rd pov, and sorry but I can't do multi-para or novella.
  • I prefer pwp so just message me with a starter here: click me!
  • Do not message my kkt with ooc stuff! It's only for ic plots. If there's anything you'd like to discuss first, message me privately on aff.
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