Hongbin's story is complete!!

WHOO HOO! FINALLY! After 75  and 1/2 years (sure feels like it), I've completed Hongbin's story for the "Indulge Me" series!!! *Blows noisemaker* It was a labor of love!! Thank you for your patience while I got my act together and finally got the thing posted. I hope those waiting for it will feel it was worth it in the end. Please head over and check it out if you're a reader and lover of the series. I hope to hear your feedback if you're so inclined to leave some!

Thank you all for hanging in there with me and waiting. I will be working on my Kyu Jong story in the interim and also have several short stories and visuals planned for BTS before I start on Hyuk's story for the final main installment before the wrap-up part. 

Thanks again and I'll see you all soon!




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