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keep width 220. don't worry about height as long as it's bigger than 280!
長澤 健次郎
長澤 健次郎
長澤 健次郎
aka kenji
aka kenji
aka kenji
keep width 250. don't worry about height as long as it's bigger than 150!
Why not? 何もかも I know 嫌になりそう
そんな毎日は Very very sad very very hard
でも 乗り越えてみせるの 疲れたらリセット
Say パンパカパーン パンパカパーン
FULL NAME Nagasawa Kenjiro.
NICKNAME(S) Kenji - is his korean name i guess, its what people call him in korea since they prefer two syllable names isntead of three.
Ken - the usual nickname that his friends and family call him back in japan.
Roro - the special nickname that his grandma called him since he was little
DATE OF BIRTH 16 october, 1991.
AGE 30 (31)
BIRTHPLACE Kanazawa, Japan.
HOMETOWN Kanazawa, Japan.
FACETIME Kentaro Sakaguchi
BACKUP Kento Yamazaki
LANGUAGES SPOKEN Japanese - 100% - native
Korean - 80% - studied korean in college and visited there often, on a semi fluent level but might not understand some words. give him a translator and he's good tho.
English - 50% - learned for fun on his spare time, only practiced on a few foreigners other than that he can just flex that he can watch the bigbang theory without staring at the subtitles. he glances instead uwu.
Mandarin - 30% - dated a chinese girl in highschool and wanted to impress her but they broke up before he could even show her what he learned. he enjoyed learning the language though so he continued for a short while after.
OCCUPATION Software developer at Level Station. 
MEASUREMENTS 183cm and 68kg
FASHION STYLE His fashion sense is casual, nothing special really. his usual look is a pair of loose pants and a shirt. he doesn't like skinny jeans or tight shirts. he's sitting in front of his computer all day so he might as well be comfy. he doesn't have much clothes and doesn't really care for styling his hair so its just... floppy.  that why he always wears a beanie! 

長澤 健次郎
Kanazawa ➡️ Tokyo ➡️ Seoul
Software Developer
keep width 125. don't worry about height as long as it's bigger than 185!
keep width 125. don't worry about height as long as it's bigger than 185!
positive warm, friendly, fun, spontaneous, easygoing, lighthearted
negative disorganized, clumsy, selfless, naive, forgetful, awkward
kenjiro is an unoffical genius. give him a rock and he'll turn it into a statue. he's like an idea machine, he gets ideas from everyday life and somehow turns them into brilliant game ideas. most people find him weird and quirky at times because his responses can be as creative as his ideas. also because he can be awkward at times. he spends a bunch of time alone in front of a computer so he's developed a unique kind of lame humor that only he finds funny. which he really doesn't have a problem with because he keeps himself laughing at his desk. 
sometimes its hard to him out of his little world when he's concentrating on something because he gets so hyperfocused. but he can also forget just as fast since his brain is always moving so fast. even when he talks he's all over the place, he could be talking about one thing and the slight mention of something else would cause him to go on a long rant about that other thing so then he'll forget what he's originally talking about. 
but he is a good listener though, he takes instructions well and tries his best to carry them out. depending on what it is his success rate is 50/50, kenjiro tends to be bad at anything that isn't game related and he's a total clutz. although, he never has bad intentions, when he says he'll do something he tries his best. he wants to deliver good results all the time and will work hard to achieve that. he's willing to compromise himself to help others, part of this comes from not having parents. since he was abandoned by them, he doesn't want to disappoint others. this leads him to stay in relationships for longer than he should even if he's not happy in it and do things he doesn't particularly want to do. he'll ignore his own needs and emotions for the other persons happiness. he doesn't mind not getting credit and would come up with excuses for the reason people act bad to him just so he wouldn't have to leave.
since he has good intentions he trusts others to have them too. he believes what other people say and puts more trust in them than he should, he's a bad liar himself. though he gets along well with people, he's friendly and easy to talk to despite being an awkward mess. he doesn't judge others based on what they look like or what they do, if they're nice then thats all that matters. even if they're mean he's nice. seriously he's a bit of a pushover. if you ask him to go hang out he'll probably say yes even if he doesn't want to. this all just goes back to his mommy and daddy issues. he doesn't want that to define him but it really does shape his whole personality.
when he's upset or going through a hard time he's the type to ignore it for others sake. he really has to be pushed to the edge to finally lash out or show some anger. like pushed so much that his eye is twitching. whenever he talks about what makes him upset he ends it in, but its ok and some ridiculous excuse that he uses to justify it. he keeps his heart on his sleeve so he gets hurt easily. one thing he doesn't do though is hold back his tears, if he feels like crying then he cries. even if it isn't at the most appropriate time. seriously he's just a big softie with a big heart, someone protect him. 
Candy Pop
kenjiro was born in kanazawa to a young single mom. his dad abandoned her when she found out she was pregnant so he never met him. his grandma helped take care of him often, all of his memories of his young days were with his grandma. he doesn't remember his mom honestly. at 4 his mom dropped him off at his grandma's house and never came back so since then his grandma is the only woman he's ever known. growing up with his grandma didn't bother him much except for on mothers day and fathers day when he felt left out at school and the annoying kids reminded him that he was parentless.
in school he was a smart student that always did well on homework and exams but he turned it in late all the time. he was kind of a rowdy student but never in a bad way. his love for video games started when he was 7, there was an arcade on his way home from school and he would stay there playing for an hour with his friends. but for him he became obsessed, an hour turned into two hours of nonstop playing and his grandma always knew where to find him when he didn't come home on time. so he would come home on time more often his grandma bought him a game boy that same year. he still went to arcades with his friends but he actually left after an hour like he was supposed to. in 2000 he got his first gaming console which was a playstation 2. he had a bookshelf full of games from final fantasy to dance dance revolution, he had it all. don't get me wrong he wasn't spoiled but him being home and addicted to games was better than being at an arcade all day and getting in trouble. at least she knew where he was.
kenjiro went through games easily, most people don't finish them but kenjiro had a huge stack of games that he finished. everytime his grades got bad, which they did, his grandma didn't let him play so he maintained good grades. actually it got better than before because he was so determiend to play that he finished his homework on time just to game isntead. his family was far from rich so kenjiro actually got a job walking dogs early in the morning before school to help pay for his gaming addiction that never seemed to lighten up. 
his friends loved video games too but when kenjiro would talk about creating his own video game they had no idea what he was talking about. they didn't like it as deeply as him, they just liked playing but kenjiro wanted to take it to another level. he took a coding class in his second year of middle school that introduced him to coding, everything after that he learned on his own. his first project was a calculator then a simple rock paper scissor game followed by tictactoe. as he got older he got better through creating different games and experimenting with coding. 
for college he went to tokyo university to study computer science. during that time he made a bunch of simple pc games that got a few thousand streams on a website where creators can distribute their games. he was far from popular on the site but having someone play his game made him happy in general. he made some money from being an independent designer but it was far from enough to be sustainable. during his second year of college in 2010 he created a pc game called vvvvvv, it got really popular and the site with over 10 million downloads but it was free so he didn't get as much money as he could've. he thought about making it only playable with a fee but he liked people playing his game and thought making them pay would ruin it the initial point since he didn't do it for the money.
the next year he got an internship at gemusen, an independent gaming company. after creating vvvvvv he'd already been working on a new one called super meat boy which was greatly inspired by super mario. he already had the development and stages, gemusen just had better equipment and people to help him add finally touches. but the core of the game was all his idea. they even kept his original design, despite him being a pretty bad artist they liked the look of it. 
it was launched on xbox 360 through xbox live arcade and had 140,000 units sold by the end of the year. later it became available on multiple platforms and sold over 1,000,000 units. the game did better than anyone thought it would and it gave gemusen a lot of recognition. but since it was launched under their company he didn't even get 50% of the profits. all the awards he won during indie game conventions was recieved by the company, not him, because they owned his game. he didn't know truly how much money he should be making and never questioned it because he didn't even graduate college and still made what to him was a lot of money.
so when they asked him if he wanted to be a permanent member of their team he said yes. kenjiro thought that they were a great company, they treated him well. he was the genius behind all of their biggest successes which is why they prioritized him. to kenjiro they were like his family and he couldn't be happier but to gemusen, he was just a cash cow. their contracts were unfair and didn't give him what he deserved with all this work. nevertheless kenjiro was just happy to get paid for doing what he loved most.
in 2011 kenjiro came up with the mobile game super hexagon. it launched in 2012 and was runner up for apple's app store best of 2012 game of the year. his next hit came in 2014 with piano tiles which was actually something he originally came up with when he was in highschool. it became the most downloaded game for ios and android in 2014. the following year gemusen partnered with cj&m to create piano tiles 2 without him. he wanted to level up the complexity of the game and make it more similar to those music tapping games but they didn't agree so they cut him out. funny enough one of the biggest criticisms was that it only had one mode compared to before. that game did way better than the original due to the bigger budget and kenjiro saw none of it.
but kenjiro never disappointed and made up for opportunity that he missed by creating downwell in 2016 that won the company three awards. he struggled to come up with good ideas the following year since he had so much expectation on him after launching downwell. so he used an old idea, the demo was his final project in college. it was different than what he usually did, a horror role play puzzle game called mad father. he wasn't sure if gemusen would like it but they loved it and helped him create the full game that officially came out in 2017. the visuals were more anime oriented and what he truly wanted to go towards but gemusen refused to spend too much of their budget.
instead of making more complex games like he wanted, gemusen wanted him to make simple mobile games that didn't require such a big budget. its not that they didn't have the money, they just didn't want to spend it. that's how helix jump was created. which now has over 500 million downloads.
for years kenjiro made petty mobile games like crowd city, fire balls 3d, color road, paper.io, hole.io, balls vs blocks, stack jump, rolly vortex, tenkyu and more. they all have hundreds of millions of downloads and he's proud of his creations but he always wanted to make more meaningful games with storylines and that's exactly what airi offered.
kenjiro met airi at a cafe near his job. he was watching anime on his phone while eating his fancy jiggly pancakes and he was interrupted by a beautiful woman that wanted to join him for whatever reason. but kenjiro didn't say no of course because.. i mean.. a girl talking to him first is an automatic plus. after not so many meetings they started dating, airi was charming and driven and kenjiro liked that. he had dating experience but it never lasted longer than a few months because of his schedule. being overworked and underpaid wasn't easy. but airi never left his side. 
she saw how he was treated and didn't like it despite him not seeing the mistreatment. she offered him to work at her fathers company instead, turns out he owned a video game development company as well called magix. he was reluctant to leave gemusen at first because he'd been there so long and they were good to him. but after airi showed him how much he should be getting paid and pointing out everything wrong with them, he thought she was right and decided to leave. airi promised him that he'd be able to create the kind of games that he really wants, not those annoying mobile games anymore. that was enough for him to be hooked. even though he knew it was for the better leaving was still bittersweet because despite knowing that he got jerked out of so much money, he didn't hate any of the people there. before he officially became an employee she said they had a special job for him. magix was struggling against their biggest competition, level station.
LIKES • coding • video games • anime • comic books • food• autumn • tea • twice • akb48 • animals • nature • lakes • doodling • learning new things • milk chocolate • energy drinks • belly rubs • trying new things • bread
DISLIKES  horror movies • violence • pineapples • spicy food • being yelled at • crowded trains • liars • really hot days • sleeveless shirts because he’s shaped like a wet noodle • doing this hair • getting ready in the morning • hair gels • bullies • dark chocolate • cheap sushi • cheap ramen
HOBBIES • coding • gaming • eating • reading comics
• writing his ideas on napkins because he keeps forgetting to invest in a note pad
• biting his nails when he has nothing better to do talking to himself all the time even in public
• pointing at random things and saying it in Korean just for memorization sake
• asking the restaurant to cut his food for him because he’s too scared to
• tripping over his own foot
• stretching his fingers because they cramp up
• humming when he’s concentrating
• slapping his knee when he laughs
• picking his nose when no one is around
• slapping his cheek when he’s tired
• sharp things because he got stabbed himself on the hand with a knife while trying to cut food when he was younger. sine then he’s been afraid of things like knives and scissors.
• wrists there’s not really a reason they just make him uncomfortable like when someone puts their wrist in his face or touches his wrist he doesn’t like it. he has a birth mark on his wrist so he thinks he died like that in his past life because he heard that your birth marks are how you died. but then again he also has one on his
• he is a huge foodie, he gets hungry like every hour but he has a fast metabolism and doesn't gain weight easily
• he's a terrible flirt
• his favorite food is unagi don and tempura
• his instagram is nagakensawajiro, its public 
• he can't sing to save his life but he'll sing the outta karaoke. don't put twice on or he'll go crazy, he went to all their tokyo concerts since debut. sana and nayeon just do something to him
• his favorite twice song is candy pop, he knows the dance at the chorus and everything
• one time sana touched his hand and he cried 
• his house is messy, there's napkins and clothes on the floor but its not dirty. he doesn't leave food out and all that stuff
• he adopted a pet rat that was wandering in his house and named it toru. he keeps it in a little cage and talks to him
• he has a cactus plant in his house that he’s growing
• he’s a social smoker but he can’t smoke to save his life. he lets it go so fast because smoking usually makes him cough a lot
• he had a few gfs and they all dumped him first. he’s such a simp.
7:30AM Wake up
8:00AM Work start
12:00PM-1:00PM Lunch
8:00PM Work end
????? Dinner
????? Gaming
kenjiro isn't a big fan of routine. the only real routine he has in his life is work and that's it.
he wakes up at 7:30 and he knows he should wake up at 7 so he doesn't have to rush in the morning. but sleep is sooooo nice.
he's in the process of getting his korean drivers license so he has to take the train for now. get well soon coffee is on his way to work after he gets off the train so he stops by to get his usual coffee so he doesn't knock out during the day. usually he's in a hurry. he always arrives at 8:01 because time hates him.
his work schedule isn't really set because with meetings and overtime it can be unpredictable too. technically work ends at 8 but does it ever really end at 8.
for dinner he gets dinner with his colleagues at least once a week. he might hitch a ride with them to drop him home instead of taking the train esp if they spend the night drinking
if no work dinner then he gets takeout on his way home or just eats at a restaurant by himself depending on how hungry and tired he is. 
at the end of the day he always finds time to play video games no matter how busy he is.
on the weekends if he doesn't have work to do then he spends that time exploring korea, mostly on his own. he likes to travel and try different foods, might invite a colleague. if he doesn't feel like traveling then he'd stay home and nap and play games and nap again and watch anime. his other favorite place is the comic book cafe a few blocks from his place. he could stay there for hours reading in a quiet cozy corner. 
place one
NAME suzuki yuka (74)
R/S grandma
OCCUPATION tea shop owner
kenjiro is so close to his grandma, she's back in kanazawa but he sends her money everytime he gets paid and sees her once every 3 months before moving to korea. they talk on the phone often, unless kenjiro is busy but he'll never miss a call from her. yuka knows kenjiro is sweet and loyal to a fault so if she sees anything wrong she'll tell him, sadly he's also really stubborn. she just wants him to do waht he loves and be happy and find a girl that'll support him. she met airi once and definitely not a fan but kenjiro didn't listen to her, again.
place two
NAME kondo yudai (63)
R/S girlfriend's dad
OCCUPATION ceo of magix gaming company
yudai is a ruthless kind of man, he just cares about money and being the best. actually he cares about airi sometimes too. but if he has a goal that'll affect him financially then yeah money is more important than her. yudai is a single father and has raised airi to be as cruel as him, using people and stepping on them is fine because when you're at the top no one can hurt you. kenjiro is terrified of this man, just knowing he has a meeting with him makes him itch. he's even more scared of disappointing him because then that means he can't be with his daughter.
place one
NAME kondo airi (29)
R/S girlfriend
OCCUPATION heir of magix
airi is the love of kenjiro's life. he really thinks she's the one for him. all she's shown him is her sweet and supportive side. but ever since going to korea she's been more cold and demanding, especially when he doesn't do waht she wants. her temper is really bad and she'd basically verbally abuse him when she's really mad but she'll be gentle and cute when its convenient just so he could listen to her. their whole meeting was planned, yudai told airi to meet him, they tracked him down, studied his routine and she was able to catch him at the cafe. the truth is she doesn't really like him, she's just using him. but he loves her, and wants to marry her and thinks she's the one because she's been acting like perfect girl.
place two
NAME lee saerom (7)
R/S hyomin's daughter
OCCUPATION elementary school student
after getting to know saerom they'll get along really well. kenjiro is good with kids because he's fun to play around with and saerom loves him. since korean isn't his first language she calls him dummy and laughs at his mistakes. she views him as another big kid. saerom gets bullied at school for not having a dad and kenjiro can understand how she feels so he tries to be there for her whenever she asks him. he had that void in his life and he doesn't want her to have one too, even though its temporary maybe he can offer some relief. 
life direction
The only thing that kenjiro wants is to make amazing games that people love. he's had a lot of success in the gaming world so far but it was undermined by his terrible company. his dream is to make games with complex storylines and 3d artwork like final fantasy or mario games. he was hoping that magix would give him that but somehow after the mention of a special project he ended up in korea working for level station in under a month. the only reason they wanted him was because they knew if someone like him applied to level station, he'd definitely get the job and that's exactly what they needed.
the job is simple, work as a software developer at level station and learn their secrets so magix can create better products. in return he'll get a high position and for showing his loyalty airi's dad would approve of their marriage. but for someone like kenjiro it's not the simplest task in the world.
going to level station unnoticed was the least of his problems. he was able to easily blend in because he wasn't well known in the first place. maybe if he actually claimed the prizes that his games won he would be a known face but he didn't so he's more like a ghost developer. 
besides the nervous look on his face when people ask him what he's doing when he's actually in the middle of doing something suspicious, no one would suspect that he's doing anything wrong. he's just living his life working at level station, spending time with his new friends after work and reporting everything he learned back to airi at the end of the day.
yes, it goes against his morals and lying makes him sweat a little too much but at first it wouldn't be that bad. making friends is easy for him, and if he doesn't think about the fact that he's a lying spy then he's fine. though as time goes on and the need to know more grows, kenjiro is expected to go further by using his good looks and charm to learn the true inner workings of the company. airi even suggesting that he sleeps with others just to get certain information. specifically with lee hyomin, the manager of software development at level station. 
unlike many guys out there that would jump to the opportunity to cheat on their girlfriend, kenjiro isn't that type of person but for the person he loves he'd do anything. he puts effort to get close to her though after a while he starts to question if it's too far. hyomin is a person too, a great person, and they get along well... really well... he just doesn't know if he can continue using people like that.
kenjiro wants to find the one and start a family someday and he thinks that could be airi. but is someone like that actually suited for him? he made some really great friends at level station, but would he really compromise his morals for love? or is it too late to turn back sicne he already went too far? that's the turning point and you can decide the answers to these questions.
hi i’m nagasawa kenjiro, software developer at level station company. 
my life goal is to make games that people enjoy. even if I don't make money from it, i'll be happy if many people enjoy my work. i don't have a life motto but my grandma always told me i have a pure heart and she hopes i don't lose that so i guess that's my life motto?
creative genius, annoying, and clumsy... wait i should've picked more positive words.. creative genius, handsome, and annoying.
i want to be known as the guy that made good games
nope. thank you!
dear love interest,
THE STORY hyojin was the one that hired kenjiro, she was impressed with his resume and thought his enthusiasm was a good fit for the company. he actually made her smile because he messed up his korean when enthusing about the legacy of mario. he actually found her to be nice which is the opposite of what most would call her. she was known for being ruthless and never cracked a smile unless she had to show a fake one when meeting new clients.
when kenjiro joined the company he was surprised to see how feared and intimidating she was because thats not how he remembered her. he actually started to be scared of her himself. for a while that's how it was, he did his job and stayed away from her only talking to her when he needed to. but in the back of his mind he always wanted to get closer to her because of how well they got along in the interview. he knew there was another side to her.
when airi wanted him to get more information, she told him to go after her so he did. he tried to make awkward small talk that didn't work at first so he tried to kiss up to her by bringing her a coffee every morning. she told him that she already has her assistant to do that so instead he bought her a cute pastry he saw or tea that he thought matched the weather that day with a note on the napkin that said something new every time. at first it was formal like good morning, then he just wrote whatever was on his mind and sometimes it took the whole napkin. by whole i mean unfold it and he wrote paragraphs. it made her laugh a few times but she thought he was trying to up to him for a promotion. she saw how hard he worked too staying later than anyone. 
on a late night she checked to see if anyone was left and she saw him knocked out on his keyboard. she was going to leave and have a late dinner on her own but she decided to wake him up and ask him to join because why not. it was awkward at first but then they started talking about their past and their love for gaming. with that and some wine they were easily able to have an enjoyable conversation with a lot of laughs and reminiscing. hyojin never drinks so she's a huge light weight, it didn't take long for her to get really drunk. kenjiro honestly didn't know what to do so he just took her to his house and let her sleep on his bed while he slept on the couch. it was out of character for hyomin but she felt comfortable enough around him to even drink, something that never happens to her.
when she woke up she saw kenjiro basically half off the couch knocked out, she was going to leave quietly but he woke up in time and offered to make her breakfast. he ended up burning the pancakes but watching him was cute. since then she realized that he wasn't like other guys, he was actually sweet, not fake sweet. they hung out more outside of work and eventually hyomin introduces him to saerom too. he enjoys spending time with her, but at the end of the day she's just a means to an end even though part of him hopes that it wasn't that way.
INTERACTIONS at first they would be awkward, kenjiro would be scared of her strict ways. his relationship with her is like any other employee, instead he makes her silently chuckle with his clumsiness. like in front of everyone she'll look annoyed but thinking back to it she'd chuckle. even after they get closer no one would be able to tell that they're friends because hyomin still has a facade to keep at work. when they aren't at work they'd get along easily and talk about literally everything. they disagree like an old married couple but its always light hearted. they're probably at one of each others houses gaming with saerom. then the next day at work she'd walk past him like nothing and he's there like🧍‍♂️.
he can be annoying and push her buttons but she never gets tired of him. she's not one for skinship and neither is he because he's taken. he makes sure to keep her at arms length all the time. i can see her initiating skinship first because she starts to get comfy around him and he's soooo awkward. she's basically only soft around him and she loves to because he actually takes it seriously since korean isn't his first language and its funny to watch him get all flustered. because of him she'd go more to company outings after work and be nicer to people after a while. stuff like that. 
hyomin: don't laugh but.. my real name is mookyung
kenjiro: *laughs*
hyomin: i said don't laugh! *glares*
kenjiro: why not i think its cute~~
hyomin: really?
kenjiro: yeah i like cows
ENDING you can decide.
keep width 220. don't worry about height as long as it's bigger than 280!
scroll right
FULL NAME lee hyomin.
NICKNAME(S) lee mookyung - this is her birth name that her parents gave her. growing up in the countryside unusual names were common so she wasn't even aware of the fact that it was considered unusual. but once she came to seoul and heard the snickers of her peers when her name was called during class she decided to change it to hyomin.
helen lee - an english name that she goes by when meeting with international clients and traveling abroad.
moomoo - a nickname that hyomin's parents used to call her as a kid, her family raised animals and hyomin's best friend was one of the cows named scarlett. they still call her this whenever she calls them on the phone, its really embarrassing especially when they're on speaker. she constantly has to remind them that she changed her name even though she changed it about 10 years ago. her father is better at remembering her "new" name change but her mom is a lost cause, its become exhausting to constantly remind her by now.
medusa - every boss has that mean nickname that the employees call them behind their back, and this is hyomin's. her cold glare and calmingly sarcastic tone makes others freeze in her pressence like they turned to stone just like medusa. when she wants someone to go to her office, others would go up to them saying "medusa's looking for you" and all they can do is take in a big gulp because it probably isn't good.
DATE OF BIRTH july 4, 1989.
AGE 32 (33).
HOMETOWN hoengseong, gangwon-do, south korea.
PRONOUNS she/her/hers.
ORIENTATION biual -  hyomin always knew she was attracted to both genders. her first crush was a girl in middle school that she never confessed to. but at the moment she's uninterested in dating though since she doesn’t trust others easily and is more worried about work.
OCCUPATION manager of software development.
FACECLAIM snsd sunny.
BACKUP snsd jessica.
(+) determined, hardworking, observant, intelligent, independent, reserved, organized
(-) cold, serious, judgmental, blunt, rigid, calculating, perfectionist
Hyomin isn’t as terrible as she makes herself seem. Yeah she hates most people and has a death glare that’ll make you yourself on the spot but really she’s a lot nicer than most people think. It’s hard to get past her thick and tall wall of mean because of what she went through. She’s been hurt and taken advantage of before and refuses to go through it again so she rather people see her as a than weak. The only people who see a slightly more friendly side to her is potential business partners and clients because she actually cracks a smile. Other than that her daughter is the only person that knows her sweet side. She keeps her life very private, people know she has a daughter but that’s about it. No one needs to know her past or anything about her, it’s just better that way. Even though she knows people talk about her behind her back she tries not to think about it too much, it hurts but it’s what has to be done.
To her daughter she flips 180, she’s not strict she’s a sweet and loving mother that can actually have fun and joke around. With Saerom is the only time she feels like she can be herself and not be judged or taken advantage of for it. Hyomin hasn’t been happy in a long time, with Saerom she’s happy but the true happiness she used to have is gone. Her lack of trust in others causes her to be lonely and miss out in a lot of things, deep down she wants to go back to how she used to be. More social and fun, but she can’t, she knows she’ll just end up getting hurt.
BACKGROUND Hoengseong, Gangwon-do, South Korea. Most people haven’t heard of it, a small town surrounded by greenery and animals. An area so small that there’s only one school for all the kids and everyone knows each other. Not much happens in Hoengseong, travelers would find it to be a break from the hustle and bustle of the city but Hyomin thought of it as a dead end with no opportunities. Born into a family of farmers who have lived in Hoengseong for generations raising cow and selling the meat to vendors who cherished the Korean delicacy known as hanwoo. Hyomin always strived for more, Hoengseong wasn’t home to the best schools in Korea, not even in Gangwon-do but Hyomin managed to be top of her school. She discovered gaming in middle after a boy bet her that she'd lose against him at an arcade and she beat him and his friends. The rush she got from it prompted her to start gaming. In highschool gaming turned into coding, she got a sense of pride from creating her own games. 

The whole town knew how smart Hyomin was and expected a lot from her because she was the town genius. Everyone knew that she would go to one of the top schools in Seoul and make their town proud. She attended Yonsei University as a computer science major with a full scholarship, even during college she impressed others with her innovative ideas. She was one of the few students that got a summer internship at one of the best gaming companies in Korea and others were jealous of her. Computer science was a very competitive industry, they had to step on each other to get recognition and Hyomin learned that the hard way. Especially since she was a girl it was even harder for her.

While working as an intern she fell in love with an employee named Jaesuk who was a software developer. She was assigned to work with him on a project, they got close quickly and spent a lot of time together after work. It was only a year internship but six months in they were a couple. When it was time to show what they did, a lot of it was Hyomin’s ideas and she expected to get the recognition she deserved but Jaesuk took full credit. At the time she was too shy to speak up and later when she talked to Jaesuk about it all he said was that’s how business works, besides, she was just an intern anyways. In the end, Jaesuk got a raise and Hyomin was left in the dirt.
To make it worse Hyomin found out she was pregnant and Jaesuk never answered her calls. Once Hyomin’s belly started showing rumors started spreading around campus about who the father could be. The worst one was that she slept with the boss at her internship to get a permanent spot. She acted like she didn’t hear it but it actually hurt her a lot. People she used to call her friends would give her the side eye and whisper about her behind her back. None of them asked her if she was okay or needed help. She felt betrayed because it’s not like she did anything wrong to them, she still tried to kiss up to them too, they were just upset that she was more talented.
But being pregnant didn’t stop her from doing what she had to, she didn’t even try to hide her belly after a while because she refused to let others opinions stop her from succeeding. She was nine months, two weeks from her due date and still attended class. In a conservative country like Korea that believed women should rest during their pregnancy, some looked at her like she was crazy yet others actually found her strong and inspiring.
She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on May 10th. She named her Lee Saerom, she didn’t use Jaesuk’s last name because its not like he planned on being apart of her life anyways. She gave up on trying to get a hold of him, he got what he wanted and she understood that but it still hurt since Hyomin has always been a hopeless romantic, never one for hook ups or flings.

Hyomin got a job as a full time entry level software developer once she graduated, spending all her time working overtime to prove that she’s worth a promotion. Hyomin put her blood, sweat and tears into her work to gain respect from her peers. The tech industry is male dominated so it was hard for a female to get any sort of respect or move up in a company. As her previous classmates started working as well the rumors about Hyomin didn’t stop. It got so bad that her last employer said he “wanted some” of what she gave the others and ually assaulted her by grabbing her . She was one of the few females at the company, someone from her graduating class at Yonsei joined and revived the rumor of her sleeping with her summer intern boss. It spread around the office fast and Hyomin experienced the same kind of scrutiny that she was hoping to leave in college. The police didn't take her claims seriously since he was well liked and filthy rich. She was drowning in depression questioning what she’s done wrong to deserve such a terrible fate. Instead of blaming those who’ve done her wrong she blamed herself for being weak thinking she was the problem in this whole situation. She vowed to herself that she’d never let anyone take her kindness for weakness ever again, and it’s a front that she’s been upholding till today.
It was hard for her to find a job but level station gave her a chance and she's been loyal to the company since then. She was completely different, a shrewd business woman that didn't take from anyone else. She made her way up at level station and ended up manager of software design in a few years. Hyomin was a tough manager, she was hard on her staff making them work to their full potential. They hated her and called her a behind her back but in the end they got good results and that’s all that mattered. 
Lee Hyomin, Manager of  SD Dept
ending credits
COMMENTS i got lazy at the end so i hope you get the gist of the love part. moral of the story airi wants him to get close to hyomin bc she manager so he can find out more about company plans does but they both develop feelings and he questions everything. he would hook up or at least flirt with a few others girls at level station though. btw all the games mentioned are actual games so you can look those up if you want to know what they're about and stuff. not sure if i made it clear but at the beginning of the story he'd be new to the company~
SCENE SUGGESTIONS kenjiro acting like saerom's dad to save her from bullies
- kenjiro standing up for hyomin when someone calls her medusa or a
- kenjiro calling hyomin mookyung by accident 
PASSWORD seohee or baron would be his favorite.


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